The Best CBD Oils for French Bulldogs

Many pet owners have seen the effects of CBD oil on their French Bulldogs, with the dogs showing signs of less anxiety and a reduction in chronic pain associated with joint pain and hip dysplasia. 

Be sure to consult with a qualified vet before starting any new health regimen for your pet to avoid undesirable side effects like stomach upset.

Our Top 4 CBD Oil For Dogs

1. Charlie & Buddy

Alright, so the first of our best picks is Charlie & Buddy. Shaped with due diligence and love for our canine pals, Charlie & Buddy’s CBD oil offers health-boosting benefits that’ll give old Fido his groove back. 


Now, let’s talk specific. This pure broad-spectrum CBD oil is crafted in top-grade hemp seed carrier oil without any additives or solvents for dilution. It’s ready to serve straight ‘from the bottle to the bowl’ with potencies ranging from 150 mg to a whopping 3000 mg of CBD per bottle to suit all pets. 


  • Comes in three appetizing flavors – original, chicken, and salmon
  • Promotes wellness
  • Comes in different potency levels


  • The original flavor might not be a hit with all dogs; picky eaters might turn their noses up at it.

2. Pawstopia

Have you ever heard about Pawstopia? It’s a high-grade CBD oil with the benefit of being specially crafted for our four-legged pals. There’s a whole world of good this oil can do for our buddies, from easing discomfort to promoting the sweetest of dreams.


One thing that stands out about Pawstopia is that their CBD formulation is mixed in with high-grade hemp seed carrier oil. It’s pure, like a fresh spring morning, and has no extra solvents or additives like olive oil, coconut oil, or MCT oil to muddle things up. The oil is available in three lip-smacking flavors: original, chicken, and salmon. 


  • High-grade CBD formulation with hemp seed carrier oil
  • Wide range of potencies for easy dosage customization
  • Available in three flavors to suit finicky eaters
  • Promotes digestive health, immune function, and overall well-being


  • Higher potencies may be out of budget for some pet owners.

3. Busters

If you’re hunting for premium-grade, holistic CBD oil for your French bulldog, look no further than Busters. Not only is this formulation well-loved by hounds worldwide, but it also packs quite a punch, with benefits galore offered in every drop.


Let’s talk about Busters’ unique selling points. First, it’s a pure, broad-spectrum CBD formulation carried in high-grade hemp seed oil. There isn’t a whiff of additives or solvents like olive oil, coconut oil, or MCT oil. This product is made for those who desire purity for their pets.


  • Perfect for pet parents seeking a pure, no-filler CBD oil formulation
  • Comes in a variety of potencies, able to serve dogs of all sizes and needs
  • Rolled out in a trio of tasty flavors, making dosing a breeze
  • Offers free shipping on orders, saving consumers a little cash


  • Lacks third-party testing certification, reducing assurance of product safety

4. Billion Pets Hemp Oil

Billion Pets Hemp Oil is what top-shelf, full-spectrum hemp oil looks like. It covers all bases, containing all the good stuff your pet pooch needs. 


This magic potion covers all bases, from relieving aches and promoting good sleep to balancing one’s insides, boosting immunity, and even slowing down the natural aging process.


  • Top-notch CBD oil without any additives or diluting solvents.
  • A range of potencies from 150 mg to 3000 mg per bottle, catering to all pet sizes.
  • Tasty flavors to keep your pup excited – original chicken and salmon.
  • Offers free shipping on orders to keep your wallet happy.


  • While the flavors are a hit, some dogs may not take to them easily.

Buying Guide

This buying guide provides valuable insights to help you land the best CBD oil for your furry friend.


Don’t get bamboozled by the dizzying array of choices popping up like weeds in the market. The key here is to focus on brands that have a rep for third-party testing. These tests bring the transparency needed to assure you of the efficacy and purity of the product. 

Customer Reviews

Folks who are using CBD oil products for their dogs aren’t shy about singing praises or calling out the bad apples. Aim for products with a sizable chunk of happy customers whose dogs have positively responded to the CBD.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Choosing the best CBD oil for your French bulldog hinges on a few vital things. The product’s quality, the opinion of other customers, and a dash of useful info like how long it takes to work. The options listed here have strong properties to tackle various health issues, from arthritis to anxiety and more. 


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