The Best Crates for French Bulldogs

Choosing a crate for your French Bulldog can seem like a puzzle but it’s really all about knowing your pup’s needs. It’s worth noting that not all crates are created equal. Some are built for the great escape artist French Bulldog, while others are meant to provide comfort and safety during road trips. A travel dog crate, for instance, must be safe and comfortable, ensuring that your French Bulldog enjoys the journey, whether it’s a short visit to the vet or a long holiday trip.

From wood to metal, travel dog crates to fancy furniture pieces; there are many options to choose from. But whichever you opt for, ensure it’s mainly used for your Frenchie’s comfort and safety, and less for your interior décor. After all, isn’t man’s best friend worth a bit of sacrifice?

Why Is Crate Important?

Think of a crate as a personal space for your French Bulldog, much like your favorite armchair or cozy bed. As pet owners, we’re always looking for the best for our little ones. That’s why considering a crate that could provide them a sense of security and safety is important. A good crate will help us ensure our French Bulldog puppies face no hiccups transitioning to their new home and ensure our living room stays intact. Just remember, though, crates aren’t always about containing – they’re also about keeping your furry friend safe and happy.

Types of Crates

From plastic crates to travel crates, there’s a wide range of options to suit your French Bulldog’s needs. Still, it’s important to consider your available floor space and your Frenchie’s personality before making a choice. For dogs who are already crate trained, wire crates are a popular choice. These sturdy structures offer ample ventilation and are perfect for chewers and escape artists. Plus, their foldable design makes them convenient for transporting your dog or stowing away when not in use.

For the frequent traveler, travel crates are the way to go. These crates are designed to keep the Frenchie secure during car travel. Remember, the goal here is to ensure that your dog is safe, comfortable, and happy, regardless of the crate type you choose. Whether you have a penthouse pup or a backyard bulldog, there’s a crate out there that’s just right for your Frenchie.

Picking the Best Crate for Your French Bulldog

Picture this: You’re going on a road trip with your French Bulldog puppy, and you need a travel dog crate that’s safe, comfortable, and suitable for car travel. Now the market is flooded with choices, making it a pickle to pick the best one. From wooden crates to the iCrate Double Door, every brand promises to deliver safety and security. 

But how do you sift through the jargon and fancy marketing to pick the best dog crates for French Bulldogs? Here’s a tip: Always consider crate sizes, your puppy’s growth rate, and the space inside the crate. And remember, training your dog to love the crate is just as important as picking the right one!

1. Veehoo Folding Soft Dog Crate

In search of a crate that’s both reliable and stylish for your Bulldog? Dive into the Veehoo Folding Soft Dog Crate. Crafted with a unique mesh design, this crate ensures optimal ventilation, keeping your pet comfortable at all times. 

The high-quality steel frame guarantees durability, while the soft fabric offers a cozy environment for your Bulldog to relax. The three entrances – top, front, and side – provide easy access, making it a breeze for your pet to enter and exit. And the best part? It’s effortlessly foldable, making it a cinch to transport or store away. Whether it’s for a trip or just lounging at home, this crate is the perfect haven for your Bulldog.

2. Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Let’s talk about the Diggs Revol dog crate. This crate is just perfect for your French Bulldog! What’s awesome about it is the divider panel. It’s just ideal for Frenchies at any stage of life. You got yourself a wee puppy? Start it on one side, and as your little guy grows, you can open it up for more space. The crate itself is a compact style that can be folded down so you fit the crate wherever you need to.

3. EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

The EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate is also a top dog in the world of crates. You got yourself a full frontal access with one door, plus two more on top and to the side. Those mesh doors aren’t just for show – they provide excellent sunlight and breathability. It’s available in a range of sizes, but keep in mind for French Bulldog owners, a 30-inch crate is your best bet.

4. Petmate Sky Kennel

Alright, let’s talk about the Petmate Sky Kennel. This one’s a real champ for your Frenchie, especially if you’re thinking about travel. It’s not just a ‘put your dog in and forget it’ kind of crate. It’s made for keeping your little guy safe and comfortable, especially on the road. Wire vents on the front, sides, and back mean no worries about breathability. And that double-latch door is a no-escape zone, even for the craftiest of escape artist Frenchies.

5. MidWest iCrate

Next up is the MidWest iCrate. Its manufacturers weren’t messing around when they put it together. This beast is a couple of doors for easy access, a comfy, machine washable fleece bed, and a smart polyester crate cover. It’s pretty solid with a lock on each door to make sure your French Bulldog’s as safe as can be. But the real beauty is in the details. The crate has dividers, so you can grow the space as your puppy does. There’s even a removable panel at the bottom for easy cleaning! It’ll make dinner time a breeze too, with Snap’y Fit dog bowls that attach inside.


In conclusion, it’s clear as day that picking the right crate for your French Bulldog isn’t a trivial matter. It’s about ensuring you got that best crate for a French bulldog and that your dog’s comfort and safety are well taken care of. A cozy environment is a joy for any dog, not just the older dogs. In this quick guide we discussed how to choose the best crate for your Frenchie, and some of the best options available.


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