The Best Ear Cleaners for French Bulldogs: 7 Top Picks Reviewed

If you’re a French Bulldog owner, then you know that their big bat-like ears can be a bit of a challenge to keep clean. Not only are they floppy and prone to collecting dirt and debris, but they also have a lot of creases and wrinkles that make it difficult to get all the way in there.

That’s why it’s important to use an ear cleaner specifically designed for French Bulldogs (or any breed with large, floppy ears). In this blog post, we will review 7 of the best ear cleaners for French Bulldogs on the market today.

1. Zymox Otic Ear Solution with 1% Hydrocortisone

Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution for Dogs and Cats to Soothe Ear Infections with 1% Hydrocortisone for Itch Relief, 1.25oz (Misc.)

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This product is a gentle, no-sting solution to help soothe painful ears caused by germs and yeast.

The formula provides relief from ear infections due in part because it contains 1% Hydrocortisone which helps with itchiness while also clearing out secretions inside your pet’s outer canal – making this an ideal choice over oral medication or other topical treatments.

2. Douxo S3 PYO Wipes

Douxo S3 PYO Pads 30 Count (Misc.)

List Price: $15.98 ($0.53 / Count)
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The number one non-prescription topical brand used and recommended by veterinarians for the treatment of infections in French Bulldogs is Douxo.

It has been proven to clean, moisturize, and nourish the skin’s ecosystem while also lowering yeast counts within 7 days.

Their natural ingredients support an animal’s physical barrier against dryness, so they can enjoy supple, soft ears without any pain or discomfort from infection-causing conditions.

3. Healthy Breeds French Bulldog Ear Cleanse 

This veterinarian-formulated solution is to be gentle on your dog and provide clean ears that don’t smell or hurt.

You can easily clean away dirt, wax, and debris, so you can prevent infections in these delicate spots of their bodies while leaving them smelling great with our Cucumber Melon scent.

Safe, natural ingredients for your Frenchie!

4. Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleanser 

Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleanser for Dogs & Cats, 8 oz (Misc.)

List Price: $20.08 ($2.51 / Fl Oz)
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The best way to keep your pet’s ears clean is with an Epi-Optic advanced ear cleanser.

This gentle, effective cleaner aids in the removal of cellular debris and excessive wax, as well as drying out their canals for better hearing! It also has a neutralizing action that eliminates any unwanted odor.

5. Burt’s Bees for Dogs Natural Ear Cleaner with Peppermint and Witch Hazel

When you’re looking for a safe and natural way to clean your French Bulldog’s ears, Burt’s Bees has the perfect solution.

This pet ear cleanser is formulated with all-natural ingredients like witch hazel that will remove excess moisture while preventing buildup in sensitive areas without any harmful irritants like colorants or scents; it also contains peppermint oil which helps soothe irritation caused by bacterial infection.

With no list of hazardous substances on its label, this product can be used safely around other household animals too.

6. Nutri-Vet Ear Cleanse for Dogs

Nutri-Vet Ear Cleanse for Dogs – Ear Cleaner & Deodorizer – 8 oz (Misc.)

List Price: $10.49 ($1.31 / Ounce)
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The perfect solution for your Frenchie’s itchy ears is NUTRI-VET EAR CLEANSE. This blend of gentle but powerful chemicals helps remove wax, grime, and other debris that causes itching in dogs with inflamed or moistened outer ear canal tissue.

All can benefit from this safe mixture which works together to calm their bodies without any harmful side effects whatsoever.

7. Vet’s Best Dog Ear Relief Wash

Vet’s Best Dog Ear Relief Wash, 4 oz (Misc.)

List Price: $11.97 ($2.99 / Fl Oz)
New From: $8.99 ($2.25 / Fl Oz) In Stock
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Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash Cleaner is the perfect solution for your dog’s itchy, inflamed ears.

This blend of natural ingredients has been designed to soothe soreness and help remove excess oil from within their ear canal while also cleaning surfaces around them!

The formula alcohol-free witch hazel leaves no stings or burns whatsoever; instead, it provides a refreshing cool feeling that will leave your pup’s ears refreshed and relieved.

Final Note

While there are many ear cleaners on the market that claim to be the best, we have put together a list of the top seven based on customer reviews and effectiveness.

We hope this guide was helpful in finding the right product for your French Bulldog’s needs! Thank you for reading.


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