The Best French Bulldog Costumes to Buy Today

Ever wondered how to make your Frenchie stand out in a crowd? Remember how Charlie, the nine-month-old Frenchie from New York stole the social media limelight, dressed up as a teddy bear? It was quite the sight, wasn’t it? That bloke racked up more than half a million views, thanks to his adorable getup. Well, bulldogs might be sturdy, but they sure know how to rock a costume. Got fifty bucks and a festive occasion? Let’s dive into a world of precious bulldog decor that’s gonna make your little buddies feel like rock stars.

What to Look For in a Costume for a French Bulldog?

Regardless of the occasion or the kind of costume you’re eyeing for your Frenchie, always put safety and comfort first. Make sure your dog’s costume doesn’t restrict their movement or vision, especially if you’re considering entering a dog competition. They gotta walk, bark, and wag that tail without any hassle, right? Take it from a fella who’s seen it all – you don’t want to see your pup gasping for air because of a tight costume. Their comfort should always be a priority.

Safety and Comfort

Always remember, folks, that while it’s fun to watch our dogs in cute outfits, their safety and comfort come first. You don’t want a costume that hinders their natural doggy behaviors. Make sure the costume doesn’t have small parts that could pose a choking hazard. And avoid anything that’s too tight around the neck area, because nobody wants their pooch to struggle for air. Always remember, when it comes to pet costumes, ‘comfort first’ is our mantra.

Material and Design

You know, not all bulldog costumes are made equal. So when it comes to material and design, go for quality stuff. Consider breathable fabrics like cotton or polyester that won’t irritate your pup’s skin. Avoid materials that can cause allergies or skin irritation, such as wool. Look out for easy-to-wear designs with adjustable straps or buttons. You wouldn’t want to struggle with a complicated design while your furry friend is squirming to get away, now would you?


Lastly, when it comes to picking a costume for your bulldog, size matters. If the costume is too big, it’ll droop and cause them to trip. On the other hand, if it’s too small, it will restrict movement and make your dog uncomfortable. So, always check the size chart before making a purchase. A perfectly sized costume would complement that adorable bulldog physique of theirs just right. And hey, remember that Frenchies are a bit on the stout side, so they might need a size larger than what you’d get for breeds of similar weight. Just a little tip from a fellow bulldog parent.

Best Costumes for French Bulldogs

Let’s talk about one of the best parts of owning a French Bulldog: dressing them up! We’ve got 59 options here, but we’ve narrowed it down to just 15, specifically for your frenchie. While you’re getting ready for that halloween party, you might be wondering what to wear? Well, we’ve got you covered, literally. From movie-themed costumes to adorable animal ensembles, these ideas cover every occasion and taste. One thing’s for sure, your French Bulldog will be a serious contender in any costume contest.

1. Pandaloon Panda Dog Costume

This isn’t just a dog sweater; the Pandaloon Panda dog costume brings a blend of cuteness and hilarity that’s just irresistible. It’s the perfect French Bulldog costume. Your frenchie is gonna look like an adorable panda on a casual stroll in the park. Built with soft material, this outfit is cozy for the dog and guaranteed to get some OMG responses. Plus it’s got some accessories for added flair. You can bet this will be a hit at the Halloween dog party, getting tails wagging and humans swooning.

2. Captain America Dog Costume

If your pup has a knack for playing the hero, why not dress them up as Captain America this season? Yeah, you heard that right! This costume breathes life into the character, and your furry friend becomes the star-spangled hero for the day. It’s perfect for medium dogs like French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers. So, why stick to the cave when you can literally bring out the Avenger in your pet?

3. DC Comics Batman Dog Costume

Moving from one superhero to another, let’s talk about the DC Comics Batman Costume. This getup will transform your little frenchie into the dark knight. It’s a cool choice for any 26-pound pup who’s ready to fight crime and chew bones in Gotham. Whether it’s just another day or you’re planning for a Halloween bash, this costume will have your pet saving the day in style.

4. Chucky Doll Dog Costume

Looking for something a little scarier? Well, let’s get the heart racing with the Chucky Doll Costume. Featured in a viral video back in 2019, this terrifying outfit is possibly the most infamous of French Bulldog Halloween costumes. Safe to say, this isn’t for the faint-hearted. The doll costume, even though it might give you a fright, fits perfectly on our cute little French Bulldogs. It comes complete with a wig and of course, that wobbly arm and fake knife. 

5. Triceratops Dinosaur Dog Costume

For the final recommendation, let’s talk about something that’s gonna give your Frenchie some extra “oomph.” Ever thought about a dinosaur costume? Well, have a gander at this particular gem: a Triceratops Dinosaur getup! Now, before y’all start thinking of some giant, full-body costume that’s got your poor Frenchie sweating bullets, let’s set things straight. This isn’t some oversized monstrosity, it’s a simple headpiece. The costume fits like 18 different sizes, so no worries there! Overall, it’s a simple, side-splitting solution for folks hoping to have their Frenchie make a roaring impression this festive season. 


Whether you’re aiming for scary with a Chucky doll costume or sticking with the classics like Captain America, there’s a costume to fit your pooch’s personality. Just remember what we talked about earlier. Always keep safety and comfort as the top priority. Make sure the material is snug but not too tight. And design? Buddies, let’s not even get started on that, the variety is just head-spinning.


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