The Best Home Cooked Meals for French Bulldogs

Everyone knows homemade food is good grub. But for your French bulldog, home cooking may turn out to be a game changer. A balanced diet keeps them fighting fit while keeping complications at bay.

But remember, we’re talking about bulldogs, not us humans. So, do your homework before you put that chef’s hat on. Ensure their meals are whip-up to match their nutritional goals and prevent harmful bacteria from crashing the party. This article contains all you need to know about preparing the best home-cooked meals for your French bulldog.

The Perks of Homemade Food for Your Frenchie

Don’t we all want our buds to be healthy, hale, and hearty? Homemade grub can be just the ticket. For starters, it helps stave off health issues such as allergies. 

Nowadays, these nasties are rearing their ugly heads more often in dogs. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. Commercial dog foods are usually the troublemakers. They’re jam-packed with preservatives, flavor enhancers, colorants, and other nasties. They may even swap real meat for animal byproducts. A homemade diet gives you control over what goes in your Frenchie’s belly, ensuring proper nutrition.

Potential Risks Tied to Homemade Diet

A homemade diet isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. While it allows you to tailor your bulldog’s diet, you might unintentionally steer them in the wrong direction. 

It’s worth mentioning that home-cooked dog food might not always satisfy your bulldog’s craving for variety. Can’t blame them, right? We all need a little excitement on our dinner plates. However, switching up their meals too frequently might give rise to digestive issues. And let’s not forget the challenge of maintaining the freshness of dog food. 

Best home cooked meals for French Bulldogs

How to Prepare the Best Homemade Meals for Your French Bulldog

Fixing up grub for your Frenchie ain’t rocket science. It’s all about the balance of carbs, proteins, veggies, vitamins, and minerals.

Incorporating Fresh Vegetables Into Your French Bulldog’s Diet

Fresh vegetables in the Frenchie food not only ups the taste game but also keeps the weight in check. See, dogs can suffer from joint problems if they’re too heavy. With a homemade diet, nutrients are absorbed more efficiently and faster. 

Utilizing Sweet Potatoes for Highly Nutritional Meals

Think of sweet potatoes as the utility player in your Frenchie’s meal lineup. They’re full of nutrition, sweet-tasting, and great for your buddy’s gut health. 

But hold on a second; don’t put any potatoes in your pup’s bowl yet. At least not uncooked ones. Raw, even slightly raw, potatoes contain solanine, a chemical that’s toxic to dogs. It can cause an awful case of stomach upset, leaving your pup dehydrated and miserable. So, if you’re adding potatoes to your dog’s diet, cook them well and without salt to ensure their safety for your dog.

French Bulldog Nutritional Guidelines to Adhere To

Now, before you start cooking up a storm, remember there are rules to this cooking game. A homemade diet needs to consider your Frenchie’s weight, health conditions, size, and activity level. 

Overall Calorie Requirement for a Healthy French Bulldog

Most adult dogs, like our beloved Frenchies, weigh between 16 and 28 pounds. So, if you want to keep them healthy, they should be getting between 435 to 659 calories a day. Also, remember that treats should make up just 10% of these calories.

Best home cooked meals for French Bulldogs

Jumpstarting Your Journey: French Bulldog Food Recipes

Don’t go changing your dog’s diet like you’d switch radio stations while cruising down the highway. It has to be gradual and thought out. We’re talking about discussing with your vet, weighing the pros and cons, and then making the switch to homemade. 

It isn’t something you decide on a whim. But once you do make the choice, there’s a whole world of delicious, healthy recipes you can whip up for your Frenchie.

Recipe #1: Turkey, Vegetable & Quinoa Feast

Let’s get cooking with a recipe that’s going to make your Frenchie’s tail wag like it’s never wagged before – the Turkey, Vegetable & Quinoa Feast. As a lean protein, Turkey is excellent for French Bulldogs aiming for a healthy weight. 

Now, combine that with the goodness of vegetables and quinoa (a superfood that’s chock-full of protein and fiber), and you’ve got yourself a meal fit for, well…a Frenchie. 

Ingredients and Directions

First on our list are sweet potatoes. Packed with nutrients, they’re good for your dog’s digestive system. Next up are organ meats. We know what you’re thinking – it doesn’t sound too appetizing. But remember, we’re feeding your Frenchie here, not family dinner! Organ meats are a great source of protein.

Moving on, we got vegetables and fruits. Mix them up, throw them in there, and your Frenchie will love it. Remember, though, never include cooked bones in the meal. They splinter easily and can become a choking hazard. 

But don’t worry, you can still add flavor. Boil those bones first; use the broth for gravy. That’s some five-star dining right there! Trust me, your pup’s going to love you for it.

Recipe #2: Beefy & Veggie Medley

The Beefy & Veggie Medley recipe is full of good stuff, perfect for a healthy French bulldog. We’re talking 4 cups of butternut squash, cooked ground beef – grass-fed, if you can swing it – and heck, toss in a few eggs for good measure. 

This dish has just the right balance of lean protein from the beef and nutrient-packed veggies. Your French bulldog gets the vitamins and nutrients it needs and a tasty meal to boot. Everybody wins!

Ingredients and Directions

First, you’re going to need those sweet potatoes. Get them nice and soft, cooked just right. Next, bring in those organ meats. Remember, moderation is key. Don’t want to overwhelm your Frenchie with too much offal goodness. Then, mix in those vegetables and fruits. It’s like a rainbow but chewable.

Finally, remember those cooked bones we talked about? Now’s the time to use that bone broth. Drizzle it all over the meal. Serve at room temperature, and always keep an eye out for any potential choking hazard. 

Ending Notes

Just like humans, French bulldogs have their own unique needs and personalities. They have sensitive tummies and can react differently to different types of foods. That’s why many folks swear by homemade food for these little guys.

And sure, it does require a bit more effort than just opening a can or bag of dry food. But the perks make it worth the effort! 


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