The 10 Best Life Jackets for French Bulldogs

Dogs are great swimmers, but some dog breeds aren’t wired for swimming. Sadly, the lovely French Bulldog is one of the breeds that find it difficult to swim. They aren’t scared of water, but allowing them into the pool or beach is life-threatening.

Luckily, French Bulldog lifejackets exist to help our adorable fur buddies enjoy the water all they want. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best French Bulldog lifejackets so you can choose anyone to keep your dog safe around water.

A lot of things like material, design, durability, and accessories contribute to the best French Bulldog lifejackets. We’ve compared the best in the market, and below are the top 10 you can rely on:

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1. Phyxin Dog Life Jacket

Phyxin dog life jacket is made with pearl cotton foam, top-quality polyester fabric, and sturdy accessories. It is durable and lasts for the long term. The high-density pearl cotton foam is made of lightweight material. Its high buoyancy will support your dog and keep her safe on the surface.

This French Bulldog life jacket has a rescue handle attached to the back, so you can instantly pull your pooch out of the water if she’s drowning.


Sturdy accessories

It comes in multiple colors

Rescue handle

Made of high-density pearl cotton

Lightweight than most dog lifejackets


It doesn’t come with a front neck float to keep your dog’s head afloat.

2. Kuoser Dog Life Jacket

This ripstop life jacket is also made of pearl cotton foam and Oxford & Nylon cloth that allows it to float in the water. It also offers a comfortable motion and doesn’t restrict dogs’ movement on land.

Kuoser French Bulldog lifejacket is designed with a grab-handle on the back to allow you to rescue your dog easily in case of an emergency. It also has a firm D-ring, convenient for lease installation, so you can walk your dog easily.


It comes with D-ring for leashes

Grab-handle for rescue

Made with top-quality materials

It doesn’t restrict movement on land


It comes in only one color

It doesn’t have a neck float

3. Petglad French Bulldog Life Jacket

Petglad life vest comes with a unique design and removable front float that helps release your dog’s neck pressure. It helps your French Bulldog to tilt her face up to keep water from entering her mouth.

The life vest is made with buoyant pearl cotton as well as ripstop 600D oxford cloth. It provides more than enough buoyancy for your dog to stay afloat.


Made with ripstop 600D oxford cloth

It comes with neck pressure to keep your dog’s mouth out of the water

Unique design to make your dog stand out.


On the higher end of the spectrum.

4. iCloud French Bulldog Life Jacket

iCloud French Bulldog life jacket comes with an outer high-grade Oxford nylon cloth and is comfortable in wet and dry environments. The inner floating padding helps your dog stay buoyant in the water and aids quick drainage.

It has Velcro straps and adjustable belts that make it fit medium to small-sized dogs perfectly.


Front neck float and inner float padding are removable for washing

It is easier to clean and wash than others on this list

There are four available sizes to choose from


A little pricey than most on this list.

5. Granby Splash French Bulldog Life Jacket

Outward Hound Granby Splash Orange Dog Life Jacket, Medium (Misc.)

List Price: $19.99
New From: $19.99 In Stock
Used from: $19.99 In Stock
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This lifejacket comes in bright and reflective colors to help you spot your dog in the water easily. It is designed with a front neck float to keep your pup’s head above the water.

The Granby Splash French Bulldog Lifejacket is made with ripstop material that provides excellent buoyancy in the water while allowing free movement on land. The straps are adjustable, so you can make it fit on your dog perfectly.


Dual grab

Adjustable and sturdy straps

Front neck strap

Bright colors that make your dog visible in the water.


Some might not like the overly bright colors

6. MIGOHI Dog Life Jacket

Abrasion-resistant and high-density Oxford & Nylon cloth are the materials used in making this dog life vest. Like the other best French Bulldog lifejackets, it is filled with pearl cotton foam.

It also has quick-release buckles and adjustable straps in the belly and neck so you can adjust it to fit your dog’s size.


D-ring hook for leashing

Adjustable straps

Unique color design



The costliest on the list

No front neck float

7. ASENKU Ripstop Dog Life Jacket

ASENKU life vest is made with high-grade polyester oxford nylon inner and outer foam. The lifejacket is not only a ripstop but also aids in proper drainage and quick drying.

The front neck float helps your dog keep her head above water. It also has a strong rescue handle that makes it easier to pull your dog out of the water.


Quick-release buckles

Under-chin front float

Drains water quickly


A little too large around the neck.

8. Snik-S Dog Life Jacket

The Snik-S lifejacket is made with high-grade polyester and mesh fabric, nylon fabric, polyethylene foam, increasing its buoyancy. It dries easily and is comfortable on land.

You can get it in multiple designs, from angel wings, shark fin, shark fin, and other modeling designs. It also comes in bright colors for easy visibility in the water.


It comes in multiple designs.

It comes in a color that’s very visible in the water

Made with high-grade material

A little budget-friendly


A little too small for medium dogs

9. Hifrenchies Dog Life Jacket

Hifrenchies Dog Life Jacket Clown Fish Vest Dog Safety Swimsuit Floatation Life Vest for French Bulldog/Pug(M,Clown Fish) (Misc.)

List Price: $26.95 ($26.95 / Count)
New From: $26.95 ($26.95 / Count) In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock
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This French Bulldog lifejacket is super buoyant in water due to its double-layer foam. It’s 20% thicker than most life vests, but it’s not bulky.

It has a durable & soft plastic handle that reinforces the stitches on each side. You are certain of your dog’s safety with this vest.


20% thicker than most

Durable & soft plastic handle

Adjustable straps


It comes in only one design

10. KING Pup Dog Life Jacket

This lifejacket comes with extra padding, providing great comfort and buoyancy for dogs in the water. The extra front float helps keep your dog’s mouth out of the water.

It is designed with reflective strips for visibility in the dark. It also comes with a grab-handle to help you rescue your dog in case of an emergency.


Cleaning the life jacket is effortless

Extra front float

Reflective stripes for night visibility


On the far end of the spectrum.


You can’t have your four-legged buddy anywhere around water without a lifejacket – they’ll most likely want to dive in, especially if you do.

So, the safest thing is to have one of the French Bulldog lifejackets strapped on your dog when around water.


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