The 9 Best Slow Feeders for French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are considered to be one of the most difficult dog breeds when it comes to feeding. This is because they have a very small stomach and tend to eat quickly, which can lead to health problems like bloat.

A slow feeder can help prevent this by making sure your Frenchie takes his time eating and doesn’t gulp down his food too fast. are many different types of slow feeders on the market, but not all of them are good for French Bulldogs. In this article, we will recommend nine of the best slow feeders for French Bulldogs, based on their size, shape, and design.

Why your French bulldog needs a slow feeder?

The French bulldog belongs to the brachycephalic breed, as it has a flat face and shortened neck. So, usually, French Bulldogs struggle to eat and drink from a standard dog bowl, and sometimes they eat too fast which may end up choking or other issues.

In this case, you can’t stop the dog from fast eating, and that is why the slow feeder for French bulldogs was introduced. This kind of slow feeder will ensure that the dog eats slowly, and it will regulate the amount of food that the dog eats.

Even the slow feeder will come with a lot of benefits, and it will improve overall health and digestion. If you are looking for the perfect slow feeder for your French bulldog, then here we have recommended some of the best slow feeders for French bulldogs.

The 9 Best Slow Feeders for French Bulldogs

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slow Bowl

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl, Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, Large/Regular, Purple (Misc.)

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This is the most popular slow feeder for French Bulldogs, and it is the most recommended product for dog users. This slow feeder comes in four different styles and sizes, and it is suitable for small, big, and flat-faced dogs.

You can choose any one from the four times, as all the types will increase the time consumed by the dog to eat food. The pattern of the bowl not only makes the dog easy to eat but also it is easy to clean through dishwater.

Dogit Dog Bowl Slow Feeder

This dogit dog bowl slow feeder is known for great-performing slow feeder, and it comes in a single design that is available in four different sizes. The edges and ridges of the bowl are designed in such a way that the dog will find it difficult to eat the food.

This slow feeder is preferable both for wet foods and liquids, and the less complicated design helps to spread the food all around the bowl.

Mr. Peanut’s Stainless Steel Interactive Slow Feeder Bowl

Some dog owners won’t prefer the slow feeder that is made of plastic, as they will like it when it comes in stainless steel. This stainless steel slow feeder bowl is easy to clean, and also they are visually indestructible.

Even though the design looks simple, the gap between the hump and the bowl’s sides is designed perfectly, so it will reduce the time of your dog’s feeding.

Super Design Mess Free 150 Slanted Bowl

If you are looking for a unique design slow feeder bowl, then you can choose this slanted bowl. This slow feeder bowl will be slightly high from the ground, but not too high which will cause any issue. The biggest advantage of the slanted bowl is that it will alleviate neck pressure on your dog, and make sure they are not eating messily.

This bowl will reduce bloat and indigestion, and also the bowl won’t slip and slide over the floor.

Neater Pet Brands – Elevated Dog Bowl

The neater pet brands are the top choice for dog owners who wanted something easy to use. Even this type of slow feeder for French bulldogs is recommended by veterinarians.

This is mostly recommended for dogs that are facing issues like bloating and also it will improve digestion. Along with this feeder, you will get the water bowl too, as if you remove the top part, the water bowl will be available.

Leashboss Dog Bowl Slow Feeder for Raised Pet Feeders

The Leashboss dog bowl slow feeder for French bulldogs is preferred as the non-slip design will keep the bowl in position during feeding. It comes with a raised structure so it would be better for the dog’s neck health. It is designed in such a way, that it helps the dog to control gulping, obesity, choking, and vomiting.

The bowl is dishwasher friendly, so it is easier to clean. Even though it is made of plastic, it is BPA-free, so a safer option for pets.

Animal Planet Maze Feeder

This animal planet maze feeder is considered the hidden gem, and the best option for your French bulldogs. The best part is that it will hold an impressive amount of food up to 10 bowls, and there is also large-sized kibble is also available which will make the bowl hard to fill.

The thicker walls will make the bowl comes for a longer time, and the wider valley helps in easy cleaning.

RoyalCare Elevated Slow Feeder Pet Bowl

This slow feeder bowl is known for its construction, and it is made of high-quality materials to increase its durability. It has two bowls one is made of stainless steel, and the other is made of PP material.

When compared to stainless steel, the PP material is highly durable. This slow feeder will promote healthy eating in the dog.

HiFrenchies Healthy Slow Feeding Dog Bowl

The HiFrenchies slow feeder comes with a striped pattern, and the capacity and size of the bowl will make this slow feeder perfect for medium and large dogs. The raised part in the bowl will separate the food by promoting slow eating. It is made of PP resin, so safe and harmless for dogs.

Final Note

These are the nine best slow feeders for French Bulldogs, and you can choose any of these options based on your requirements. All these options will help your dog to eat slowly and also promote healthy eating habits. If you have any queries regarding the slow feeder, feel free to ask in the comments section below.


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