Unveiling the Truth: Do French Bulldogs Have Hair or Fur?

Truth be told, the debate “hair or fur” is as complex as the chicken or egg conundrum. But let’s leave the technicalities aside to help you understand the big picture. Without a doubt, French bulldogs do shed. Dog owners should expect to find a random tuft of French Bulldog fur here and there.

Now, French bulldogs come in all shapes, sizes, and well… coats. They can either have a single coat or a double coat. It’s worth noting that single-coat Frenchies tend to shed less significantly than their double-coated pals. For that reason, it’d be best to read this article to learn whether French Bulldogs have hair or fur. 

Deciphering French Bulldogs’ Coat

Alright! So we’re dealing with an exquisite creature here. The coat of a French Bulldog is smooth, short, and easily manageable. You won’t have to tussle with any mats or tangles as you might with some other breeds.

However, Frenchies are moderate shedders. Sure, they don’t shed as much as a Siberian Husky, but let’s just say they leave their mark – literally. Let’s press on to understand the magic behind those glossy coats, shall we?

Understanding the Nature of Frenchie’s Coat

The nature of a Frenchie’s coat is influenced by several factors, such as breed genetics, diet, and overall health conditions. But it’s also true that some health problems could exacerbate shedding, so it’s important to always keep an eye out. You’ll want to coat your dog in the best care possible. Bottom line, some shedding is normal, but if it goes overboard, it’s time to ring up Dr. Vet.

French Bulldog’s Shedding Process

All dogs shed, even the short-haired breeds. But Frenchies have less hair to start with, so shedding is naturally less visible. However, double-coat Frenchies have an undercoat that sheds during seasonal shedding. So, don’t you get all worked up if you see excess fur floating around during spring or fall.

Do French Bulldogs have hair or fur

Reasons Why French Bulldogs Shed

Generally, shedding is affected by various factors. Here are the most common ones: 

Seasonal Changes

Well, French bulldogs have a way of reacting to the changing seasons, just like most animals do. Their little bodies respond when the weather decides to flip flop, from the toasty summers to the chills of winter. 

You see, these fellas start shedding more, like prepping themselves for the weather shift, whether it’s time to warm up or cool down. And so, as their bodies keep up with the climate, their fur shedding gets a bit more noticeable.

Nutritional Factors

Alright, here’s the thing about these French bulldogs: their diets play a part, too. Just as in humans, what they eat affects their overall state. Good, high-quality dog food is a must, as it can make a world of difference in how much they shed. A nutritious diet can strengthen their adult coat and lessen the shedding.

Now, you might have heard about the fluffy frenchie breed, those fellas with medium-length coats. They tend to shed a bit more, but with the right chow, these dogs can manage to shed better.

Genetics and Hormones

Then you have genes, which is a whole other story. Bulldogs, no matter if they’re French, English, or something else, their shedding tendencies are dictated mostly by their genetics. Their coat type can range from short and smooth, which tends to shed less all the way to a denser one. It can be a bit frustrating, but that’s Mother Nature for you, playing a wild card with our best friends.

Environmental Factors 

The condition of the environment where your French bulldog lives can contribute to their shedding. Environmental factors that can lead to shedding include:

  • Humidity and temperature
  • Sunlight exposure
  • Indoor heating
  • Allergens 

Humidity and extreme temperature affect moisture levels in the dog’s skin and coat, leading to increased shedding. On the other hand, allergens cause irritation and itching, which contribute to shedding. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To Shave or Not to Shave?

A trim or a shave could help in putting a leash on the shedding problem. Plus, it does wonders for their skin health, saving your pupper from itching and skin irritation.

Note that, although necessary, you should not overdo it. While it keeps their coat fresh and free from dirt or bugs, overdoing it may give them the doggy version of a razor burn. Just be sure if you decide to give your Frenchie a trim, let a professional do the job. We wouldn’t want a Frenchie looking like a poodle, would we?


So, just to round this all up, French bulldogs have fur, not hair, which sheds a bit. They’re nowhere near German Shepherds or Labradors in the shedding league, but they do leave a little dog hair and dander behind. 

Regular grooming can control this shedding and keep the French bulldog coat in tip-top shape. Remember, Frenchies might be a little high-maintenance, but with the right care, your little Frenchie’s coat will look more polished than a brass doorknob. Now put those vacuums away and enjoy your furry friend!


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