7 Tips For Surviving Hot Weather With Your French Bulldog

How do you keep your French Bulldog happy when it’s hot? It’s a question that many dog owners struggle with. The heat can take its toll on the health of our furry friends, so here are 7 tips to help your Frenchie stay cool this summer!

1) Keep them in the shade during the day.

If you have a dog house in your backyard, make sure it will keep them cool when they’re in there. If not, consider buying a new one or putting up an umbrella to help shade the area from the sun’s strong rays. A kiddie pool is also great for dogs that love water! It gives them something fun and refreshing to play in that they will love.

Don’t let your Frenchie nap outside when the sun is at its peak either. They are very likely to get overheated if they do so, which can lead to serious health issues for them down the road!

2) Give them lots of water or ice cubes to drink.

French Bulldogs have a difficult time breathing in hot weather, so the more you keep them cool and hydrated, the better. Their tongues can easily become dry from panting which is another cause for concern during extreme heat.

Give your Frenchie plenty of fresh water to drink before going for a walk or outside playtime as well – they will appreciate it.

Even though you know your Frenchie loves ice cubes, many French Bulldogs can’t or won’t eat them because they are too hard.

Put some of their favorite treats inside the cube to entice them into trying a new snack experience. You can also put wet food in an ice tray with water and freeze it for a refreshing summertime snack.

3) Don’t leave them in an air-conditioned room for too long – they need fresh air and sunshine too!

Make sure they get some fresh air throughout the day. If it’s too hot to let them outside for an extended period of time (or even at all), leave a window or door open slightly in your home to allow some cooler air inside.

If you can’t do this, consider buying a cooling fan for them to lay in front of and keep their body temperature down.

You don’t need to have an AC unit blasting all day either. French Bulldogs are pretty sensitive when it comes to being too cold so let the room cool off before they go inside.

Also, keep an eye out to make sure they don’t stay inside too long on extremely hot days! They are likely to get stressed by being cooped up all day with no distractions or freedom outside.

4) Provide plenty of toys and chewable items – chewing helps their digestive system stay healthy!

Make sure they have plenty of chew toys or even old shoes laying around that are easy for them to access. They also love playing with tennis balls and Frisbees if you’re planning on going outside for a walk later on, but limit your playtime, especially on really hot days.

Another option is to buy some dog treats that will help clean their teeth and freshen up their breath. You can also provide them with a frozen fruit snack, such as banana or apple slices in the freezer which they will love. Just make sure you monitor how much of it they eat so there aren’t any digestive issues down the road.

5) Take short walks during the hottest part of the day, preferably in an area with trees for shade.

As we mentioned before, French Bulldogs have a hard time breathing in hot weather so try to walk them during the early morning hours before it gets too hot. Take a stroll around your neighborhood and look for areas with lots of shade from trees or benches that you can stop at along the way.

You should also check out local dog parks in your area that might provide plenty of shade. You can find out which parks are the most popular by reading reviews online!

If you don’t have any shady areas to walk around, consider taking them on a shorter route since they will get too hot more quickly than other dogs.

6) Make sure their diet is full of high-quality protein and vegetables.

French Bulldogs are known for having sensitive stomachs so it’s important to keep them on a solid, nutritious diet that agrees with them!

You should also consider cooking up some of their favorite foods to help get more nutrients in. Brown rice and lean meat are great options that might be better than table scraps if they are giving your pup problems.

7) Consider a cooling coat or shirt for them to wear.

There are many different types of coats and shirts you can buy that will help keep your Frenchie cool in the summertime, such as jackets with built-in ice packs. These products often feature an adjustable strap on top so they stay close to their body which helps maintain heat loss.

There is also a cooling vest with a built-in ice pack or gel packs that you can place in the refrigerator and put on them when it’s hot outside. Just make sure to have multiple layers of clothes underneath so they don’t get too cold later!

Final Thoughts

We hope these tips will help you and your French Bulldog to enjoy the summer with a few less struggles. Stay tuned for more great content when it comes to caring for your Frenchie!


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