French Bulldog Tail : An Easy Guide

French bulldogs are popular for their appearance and their cute and loveable personalities. They are one of the most popular dog breeds in America.

A commonly asked question about Frenchies is whether or not they have a tail and how it should be taken care of.

In this article, I’ll give you some facts about French bulldog tails and how to take care of them.

Do French Bulldogs Have Tails?

Yes, they do! French bulldog tails are shorter than most dog tails, so people tend to think they do not have them.

People also wonder if French bulldog tails get docked, that is, cut off, when they’re young.

Docking is an old practice dating back to ancient Roman times. At that time, it was believed that cutting off a dog’s tail reduced the risk of it contracting rabies.

Docking was also done to prevent hunting- dogs from getting tail injuries.

Currently, some people dock tails claiming it makes the dog more attractive, but this practice is mostly unpopular and even illegal in some countries.

What Do French Bulldog Tails Look Like?

French Bulldogs are born with different tail lengths, but the tails are generally short.

French bulldog tails were longer, but the dogs were bred with other short-tailed dogs like pugs to have shorter tails.

This is because Frenchies were once popularly used in street dog fights and it was considered safer for them to have shorter tails.

Over the years, Frenchies eventually lost the long tail. There are three main types of French bulldog tails:

  • Corkscrewed and stumpy

  • Straight- hanging down and stumpy

  • Thick root with a fine tip

How to Clean and Care for Your French Bulldog’s Tail

A misconception about French bulldog tails is that they don’t need much attention because they are short. This is not true.

Frenchies have a dark, moist area under their tail called a tail pocket. Dirt and poo can accumulate in this area, leading to serious infections.

Inexperienced Frenchie owners may not realize this until the dog begins to smell. So, what do you need to do to care for your dog’s tail?

1.  First, clean your Frenchie Bulldog’s tail every time he goes to poo using alcohol-free baby wet wipes to prevent irritating the skin.

2.  Clean the entire tail using a cotton ball soaked in a mixture of mild soap and water. Clean the skin around the tail. Remember to wear gloves!

3.  Clean the tail pocket, using a similar mixture of mild soap and water. Lift the tail and clean the little wrinkle under the tail.

You can also use a solution of equal amounts of apple-cider vinegar and water. Apple cider vinegar has antibiotic properties and will kill any lurking microbes.

4.  If the tail pocket looks red and inflamed, you can apply baby diaper rash cream with zinc.

5.  White Frenchie bulldog tails are also susceptible to sunburn. To prevent this, apply some sunscreen on it before letting your dog out. Consult with your vet about which sunscreen to use.

5 Facts about Your Frenchie’s Tail

1. Hemi-vertebrae

French bulldogs with screw tails are sometimes born with a defect called hemivertebrae.

This is thought to have been caused by breeders trying to produce the curly- tail effect by compressing the tail when the dogs were young.

It develops when the Frenchie is about 9 months old and is a painful and irreversible condition. The screw shape of the tail is caused by a shortening of the dog’s vertebrae to produce the curly effect.

It causes weakening of the dog’s rear muscles leading to problems like hernia, incontinence, walking difficulties, and limb paralysis.

Breeding dogs to have tails like this is therefore cruel as they will have a lifetime of health problems.

It can be prevented by avoiding to breed curly-tailed Frenchies so that they are naturally phased out.

To encourage this, the National Kennel Club in the UK launched an initiative to encourage the breeding of straight-tailed dogs in 2010.

The movement is slowly gaining popularity in the rest of Europe.

If we can move towards having French Bulldogs with straight tails, it will lead to health improvements and with time this condition will disappear.

If your dog already has this condition, it can be corrected by surgery by a veterinarian if it isn’t too serious.

Resting the dog and anti-inflammatory medication will also reduce the discomfort.

2. Eczema

French bulldogs can also have eczema on their tails, causing a lot of itching, which can lead to scratches on the tail.

The openings in the skin can then get infected by bacteria or fungi.

To avoid this, ask your vet for an organic topical shampoo that you can apply to relieve the itching and prevent scratching.

You also need to find out the cause of the allergy and, if possible, remove it from the house.

3. Curly tails

Some French bulldog tails are curly when they are born, but gradually straighten out as they grow older.

Before buying a puppy, find out the history of the breed.

If the dog’s predecessors were straight- tailed, yours will be too. So don’t get worried if you see this happening!

4. Wagging Frenchie Tails

French bulldogs cannot wag their tails because they are too short. The best they can do to show their joy is to wiggle their rumps, jump around and have a cheerful expression.

With Frenchies, this isn’t a problem, as they are generally cheerful dogs.

5. Shaving the Hairs off

Some owners shave of their French bulldog’s tail to prevent accumulation of dirt and poo.

This is not really necessary but it doesn’t hurt the dog as the hairs always grow back.

The Bottom Line

To recap, French bulldog tails are sensitive and need constant care to prevent the accumulation of dirt and infection.

This can take some time to get used to, but it is necessary to keep your dog happy.

Besides, it will form a great bond between the two of you!

Follow the tips discussed in this article to keep your dog healthy for a long time.


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