Why Is My French Bulldog Nose Dry? Diagnosis and Effective Treatments

A French bulldog’s nose serves as a thermometer, an indicator of health, and a means of communication. It’s common for your Frenchie’s nose to be wet and a bit cold. But when it suddenly turns into desert dry, there’s a problem. You have to get your facts straight to ensure not only a proper diagnosis but also the correct measures for treatment.

Unusually dry noses in French bulldogs could be due to various reasons. Before you panic at the sight of your pet’s dry snout, understand why it might be happening and what you can do about it by reading this informative article to the end. 

Causes of Dry Nose in French Bulldogs

Below are some of the common causes of dry nose in French bulldogs.

Nasal Hyperkeratosis in French Bulldogs

Nasal Hyperkeratosis in French bulldogs is an uncomfortable condition that results in an overproduction of keratin. This condition leads to excess keratin build-up, which often results in rough and uncomfortable crusty growths on your dog’s nose and paw pads.

While it’s more common in senior dogs, it can also affect younger dogs. Yellow or green discharge from the nostrils can sometimes accompany nasal hyperkeratosis, which could indicate further complications.


In a French bulldog’s world, a busy nose is a moist nose. Dogs often lick their noses to keep them moist. The less energetic ones, who are more prone to dry noses, may not lick their noses as often, resulting in a dry snout. A French bulldog who has been sleeping or resting for extended periods may wake with a dry nose, which is normal. However, continuous dryness could be a sign of a problem.

Weather Conditions

Not everyone thinks about it, but the weather can considerably impact a Frenchie’s nose. Cold weather conditions can cause their noses to dry out just like it does to our skin. We might apply moisturizer when we feel our skin getting dry from the cold weather, right? 

Well, the same applies to our Frenchies. They need a little help to maintain moisture in their noses during colder months. Autoimmune disorders could also worsen during cold weather, so always keep an eye out for unusual dryness during the winter.


Doggone allergies can be a real problem for our four-legged friends. They can lead to all sorts of issues, including, you guessed it, a dry nose. Here are some signs of allergic reactions you should pay attention to:

  • Red, itchy skin
  • Non-stop sneezing
  • Constant scratching
  • Mucus discharge from the nose or eyes
  • Swelling around the face or paws

In particular, food allergies can cause your Frenchie’s to have a dry nose. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for these signs and talk to your vet if you notice anything unusual.


If your Frenchie isn’t getting enough water, they may be dehydrated, and believe it or not, this can cause their nose to dry up and even crack. If you don’t address this promptly, your pupper could even develop serious health problems like renal failure. 

So ensure your Frenchie gets plenty of fresh water, especially on hot, muggy days. If they’re acting strangely, like drinking or urinating excessively, it’s time to pay a visit to the vet. They can rule out more serious conditions like kidney disease or diabetes, which can also cause dehydration.

Why is my French Bulldog nose dry

Home Remedies for Coping With Your French Bulldog’s Dry Nose

There are a number of safe, natural remedies that can help moisturize your Frenchie’s dry nose. Below are some of the best.

Olive Oil

Olive oil works wonders on dry skin, including on your dog’s nose. Just apply a small amount to the nose and gently rub it in until it’s fully absorbed. There’s even a bonus if your Frenchie licks a bit off: it’s perfectly safe for them to eat and can promote healthier skin and fur when added to their meals.

Shea Butter

The shea butter works wonders on dry skin. It’s a balm for those dry dog noses, too. If you have a French bulldog with a dry schnoz, shea butter could be the ticket. Smooth it on in small dabs. It’s safe, and your Frenchie shouldn’t have any fuss with it. Bonus point: it isn’t just for noses – dry elbows and paws can get in on the action, too.

Almond Oil

Put your mitts together for almond oil. This stuff is the cat’s meow when it comes to soothing dry, irritated dog noses. Packed with vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals, it’s like a spa treatment for your Frenchie’s beak. Slather a bit of almond oil on that dry snout and watch it work its magic. It’s not just moisturizing; it’s conditioning, too – and it soaks in quick as a wink.

Castor Oil

Now, if you’ve got a Frenchie with a peeling proboscis, let me introduce you to castor oil. This sucker’s got a heap of Ricinoleic acid, making it a dry skin champ. But don’t go overboard with it, or your pooch might end up spending too much time in the little dog’s room. Castor oil doubles up as a laxative, see? So keep it to a dab or two for that dry nose. Let your Frenchie reap the benefits without the bathroom break.

Coconut Oil

And last but far from least, coconut oil. This stuff’s a star player in the natural moisturizing league. It’s a triple threat of safe, effective, and pet-friendly. It doesn’t just moisturize your Frenchie’s dry nose; it also amps up the skin’s elasticity. The only thing to remember is to keep it organic, cold-pressed, and extra virgin. Trust me, your Frenchie’s sniffer will thank you.

It’d be best to consult a veterinarian if the condition doesn’t improve after using the home remedies. Avoid buying medicine for your French bulldog without proper guidance. 


A French bulldog’s dry nose isn’t a walk in the park, but it isn’t a death sentence either! It’s probably just due to the weather, heating, dehydration, or maybe even an allergy. However, sometimes, it could hint at health problems. That’s where your vet comes in; they’ll help you know what’s up. You can soothe your Frenchie’s dry nose with some home remedies too, such as olive oil or shea butter. And also, there are awesome balms out there made just to help your furry friend’s snout out!


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