An Essential Guide to Adult French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are insanely cute animals with their distinctive perky triangular ears.

These cuties can be appreciated by anyone but especially dog lovers!

But what are some key facts and features about this breed of dog, especially adult french bulldogs?

They are an interesting dog breed. The French Bulldog has been a favored dog breed since the early 1800s and is ranked as the fourth most popular dog breed according to the AKC in the US.

How are adult french bulldogs different from when they are puppies?

Surely everyone has seen a picture of these iconic dogs but not everyone may know all the interesting aspects of their breed!

Below are some important questions to answer related to these beauties!

How are French Bulldog Puppies and Adults Different?

All puppies are exceptionally cute, however, French Bulldog puppies are absolutely adorable.

When it comes to admiring these stunning dogs, what are the differences between the breed’s puppies and adults?

As with any breed of dog, health issues can arise as a dog gets older in age.

However, the most distinctive aspect to think about when comparing a French Bulldog puppy and an adult is at what age they are considered to be fully grown.

It is said that French Bulldogs are considered to be fully grown somewhere around 9 months to a year of age.

The term “fully grown” should not be confused with the puppy being considered to be an adult dog.

Fully grown simply applies to the French Bulldog puppy growing the biggest it will get physically from the top of its head to the tip of its tail.

Throughout the following year up to age 2, French Bulldogs bulk up and fill in in concerns to the rest of their overall bodily look.

Then at age 2, they are considered to be fully matured.

Even when reaching age 2 and being considered to be fully matured, French Bulldogs still exhibit puppy-like behavior like excitement, etc.

They definitely keep some characteristics that they retain from puppyhood to adulthood.

How Big Do French Bulldogs Get?

French Bulldogs are most identifiable by their ears and stout posture.

But how big do French Bulldogs actually get?

They usually do not exceed 28lbs and can get as tall as 13 inches.

More specifically, males can range anywhere between 20 to 28lbs. Females weigh in usually between 16 and 24lbs.

While this is not that big, these numbers still make for a stocky, adorable dog.

This muscular mini version of a regular bulldog is an extremely popular breed not only for their size but also for their wonderful temperament.

10 Facts About Adult French Bulldogs

1. They are said to derive from English Bulldogs

Don’t let the “French” in the breed name cause any confusion.

While the exact point in history where French bulldogs were created cannot be stated, they are thought to come from English bulldogs.

English bulldogs are believed to have been bred with another breed, a variation of terrier. This resulted in French bulldogs as we know currently.

2. They are extremely loveable dogs.

French bulldogs are known for their unconditional love for their owners. While this adorning behavior is a highly admired trait of the breed, there should be caution about this fact too.

French bulldog puppies are known for exhibiting their attachment to their owners at a young age.

This carries on throughout their adulthood as well. Prolonged periods of isolation or being left alone, can and will result in separation anxiety in this breed.

They are truly impressionable at their puppy stage and separation anxiety can really affect their behavior going into adulthood.

One of the best ways to avoid this being a long term issue is to ensure they are not left alone over long periods of time.

There should be always been someone around that the dog is used to and trusts.

 3. It is near impossible for French bulldogs to swim.

Dogs are well known for jumping into river beds, pools, lakes, and even the ocean.

Heck, that is where the term “doggie-paddle” came from as a swimming style.

However, not all dogs are able to paddle their way through sources of water.

This specifically applies to French bulldogs. Their stout posture and legs along with their bulky heads prevent them from being able to swim properly.

Doggie-paddle swimming, as done by regular dogs, is a formation where the dog’s head is above water while their front paws paddle and propel them through the water.

When it comes to the French bulldog, this motion simply cannot be completed.

Their head is able to stay above water and their legs are too stout to perform the paddling needed to move them through the water.

If someone who owns a French bulldog is headed to the beach or other areas with waterways like state parks, taking extra precaution is necessary.

The best way to do this is to get them a dog-sized life jacket. The life jacket will keep the dog afloat if they were to accidentally enter any sources of water.

4. They shouldn’t fly on an airplane.

These smaller breeds of bulldogs have sensitive airways. Along with that their snouts simply don’t have larger nostrils which can result in less air intake.

When a French bulldog is placed in small confined spaces, they can become panicked.

This is particularly true for flying as the cramped cabins in airplanes can be stressful as well as not very comfortable in terms of temperature.

With this in mind, French bulldogs should not be taken on airplanes to help reduce any risks of an accident occurring.

5. They are great around children.

With their loving nature, French bulldogs are known for their nurturing characteristics.

They love feeling loved and cared for but most importantly, they look forward to spending time with their family.

While they don’t have an overly loud bark, their unconditional love towards their family makes them great to have around children.

They are still protective of their surroundings and family regardless of their bark.

Having this breed around the family is a win-win situation.

6. They love carrying on conversations!

French bulldogs are not only known for their incredibly good looks! They are a chatty breed who love to have a conversation!

Once again, their bark is not that loud, but barking is not what they are about.

Their loving nature and need to be around their families makes them excited and happy!

These emotions led to this breed wanting to carry on conversations with those they love.

It’s hard to say what they are talking about exactly but the sentiment of conversation is always something to appreciate!

If a French bulldog strikes up a conversation, people should feel perfectly okay with responding back and talking to them.

7. They are naturally curious and playful.

French bulldog puppies and adults will exhibit something in common; curious and playful behavior.

They are known to be alert to their surroundings and absolutely enjoy playing with their owners.

Getting them some fun toys to play with is always a great tip for this breed.

They truly enjoy anything they can interact with that also involves their owners!

8. They do not handle excessive discipline well.

When stating they do not handle excessive discipline well, it is more regarding their response to judgments or criticism.

They are happy-go-lucky as a breed and when they feel like they have been overly criticized, they get saddened.

This can result in behavior that includes them moping around a lot or even simply sleeping more often.

This is not to say they cannot be trained like other dogs.

It more is to say they are just a well-mannered dog that may take discipline a bit more seriously than other breeds.

Positive reinforcement is always the best route to go when approaching a good training method for French bulldogs.

9. They can be stubborn

French bulldogs are known to be a bit stubborn. Even with their fun-loving nature, they can get stubborn about certain things.

However, this doesn’t mean they are hard to train or anything of that sort.

In fact, French bulldogs are one of the easiest breeds to train even with being stubborn sometimes.

This makes them highly desirable and is why they are the fourth most popular breed in the US.

They are easy to train because they are very responsive to positive reinforcement training.

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10. They require exercise.

Every dog requires some form of exercise but French bulldogs should get some exercise every day.

They can experience various health issues related to obesity if not properly cared for.

This means that before anyone takes on the responsibility of this breed or any dog for this matter, it is important to know their exercise needs.

French bulldogs do not need too much exercise.

To better express their exercise needs, it is best to say they require consistent exercise. This helps keep up their muscles and down on their weight.

Exercise should come in the form of going for walks and even extending playtimes.

The French bulldog makes an exceptional pet!

With these tips and facts in mind, any family or couple would love the addition of a French bulldog to their family tree, as puppies, and as adults.

From their bat-like cute ears to their non-stop loving nature, and you can enjoy a short-haired or fluffy pet – they are a complete ball of lovable dog!


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