Unraveling the Mysteries: French Bulldog vs American Bulldog

Alright folks, let’s dive nose-first into this doggy duel: French Bulldog vs American Bulldog. These two breeds may share a surname, but that’s just about where the similarities end. They have different temperaments, and let’s not even start on the appearance.

So, buckle up folks, we’re about to go on a wild ride through the world of bulldogs.

French vs American Bulldog Physique

When it comes to physique, the Frenchies are more compact and lower to the ground, while their American cousins are bigger and more muscular. Plus, those bat-like ears on the Frenchies? Yeah, you won’t find that on an American Bulldog. 


French Bulldogs have a smooth coat and compact stature and they scream city chic. Are those ears sticking up like bat wings? Pure charm. Then you got the American Bulldog. A larger, more robust breed, their fine coat comes in various colors, though the common sheer whiteness is a sight to behold. So whether you lean toward the chic city pup or the strong country hound, there’s a bulldog for every kind of dog lover.

Attitudes and Temperament

Now, when it comes to their attitudes, it’s like night and day. French Bulldogs have a stubborn streak a mile wide. They may be the size of a small loaf of bread, but don’t let that fool you. These pint-sized warriors think they’re mastiffs. It’s not unusual for a Frenchie to go head-to-head with a much larger dog and expect to come out on top. Because of their determined spirit, French Bulldog pups need to get some good, solid training while they’re still young. If they don’t, it can be like trying to herd cats.

French Bulldog

Feeding and Grooming French Bulldogs vs American Bulldogs

Speaking of care, we need to talk about feeding and grooming. Both French and American Bulldogs require a healthy diet. A typical adult Bulldog will do well on about 3 cups of dry dog food a day. But remember, these breeds are prone to obesity, so watch those portions. As for grooming, these dogs shed, but they’re only moderate shedders compared to other breeds.

French Bulldogs, with their short, single-layer coat, are particularly easy to groom. But remember, that coat also makes them more susceptible to cold, so they’ll need a doggy sweater in the winter. Just don’t tell them it’s because they’re not as tough as they think they are – they won’t take it well.

Effectively Training French and American Bulldogs

Be it French or American, training your bulldog requires patience, consistency, and a whole lot of treats! No joke, these dogs love their chow. But remember, they are two different breeds with different needs and ways to learn. 

For instance, American French Bulldogs can develop separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods. So training them to get used to your absence could be a challenge, especially if you’re out of the house for more than 6 hours a day. You might consider crate training or distracting them with puzzle toys to help with this.

French Bulldog vs American Bulldog: Which Is Better For Children?

Now, when it comes down to who’s better for kids, both breeds are great, it just depends on the kiddos. If your children are older, an American Bulldog might be the better bet. These dogs are a bit bigger and have a high-energy personality that older kids will love.

But if you have a tot in the house, the French Bulldog’s smaller size and gentle temperament could be a safer choice. Either way, both breeds can make fantastic family pets, you just have to find the right fit for you and your kids.

American Bulldog

Cost of French Bulldog vs American Bulldog

The cost of getting a bulldog can bite, especially if you’re eyeing a Frenchie. They usually cost between $2,000 and $10,000 and some rare breeds can even reach up to $30,000. On the other hand, American Bulldogs are a bit more wallet-friendly, with puppies ranging from $1,500 to $3,000.

As for size, American Bulldogs stand 22 to 28 inches in height while Frenchies are around 13 to 16 inches. But remember, there’s more to owning a dog than the initial price tag – you’ve got routine check-ups, food, grooming and don’t forget the puppy training classes. And let’s not even talk about jumpers training or agility training.

Besides the price of the dog, you must consider vet bills too. Both breeds, the American bulldog and the French are prone to certain health issues that can rack up a fair bit in medical expenses.

Are French Bulldogs or American Bulldogs Aggressive by Nature?

Both breeds can have a bit of a big-dog complex, where they act like they’re the size of a Mack truck, but with the right socialization and training, they rarely show any aggression. The key is to introduce them to new folks and experiences early and often. Make it a habit and your French or American Bulldog will be the life of the party in no time. Or at least, they won’t go chasing after every poor squirrel they see!

Making a Choice: Should I Choose a French Bulldog or an American Bulldog Based on Cost?

Well, friend, you’re thinking about getting a bulldog, huh? Maybe you’re torn between a French Bulldog and an American Bulldog, and you’re trying to decide based on the hit to your wallet. Let’s take a crack at this. The American Bulldog, with a muscular physique and broad shoulders, originated in the Deep South as a farm dog. The breed is known for its strength and athleticism. These guys can reach up to 25 inches tall, so they’re a bit on the larger side. With their wrinkled skin, distinctive face, and shoulders, they are a sight to behold.

On the other side, French Bulldogs, often referred to as ‘Frenchies’, are a mixed breed resulting from the English Bulldogs that were brought over to France during the 19th century. They stand about 11 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder and are renowned for their bat-like ears and affable temperament.

Due to their smaller stature and unique characteristics, French Bulldogs can sometimes be a bit pricier than their American counterparts. Let me tell you though, irrespective of the breed, there will be additional costs like feeding, training, grooming, and healthcare for these four-legged wonders. Depending on your budget and the kind of dog you’re after, the choice ain’t all clear cut as you may think. American or Frenchie – it’s up to you and your wallet!


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