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Are French Bulldogs Aggressive? 10 Things You Should Know

A French bulldog is an excellent pet option for whoever wants to have by their side an adorable and smart dog. They are friendly, loveable, and insanely affectionate with their loved ones. This dog needs to spend a lot of time with people and, despite the size, can become a good guardian dog.

However, this dog has its own strong personality. A certain type of territorial aggression is an instinctive impulse of all dogs

Aggression is not the specific characteristic of the entire French bulldog breed. Some individuals may be aggressive in general or display an aggressive attitude in certain situations.

This information is not meant to scare you or make you reject from the start getting a French bulldog. The good news is that, in most situations, aggressive attitudes shown by your French bulldog can be eliminated, remedied, or, at least, improved.

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive?

French bulldogs belong to the group of non-sporting dogs, which includes all sizes and personalities. So if you own, or intend to own a dog from this breed, as your beloved pet, you need to discover your dog’s own, unique character, in order to take the right actions and create a healthy, rewarding partnership between you two.

Generally, French bulldogs are affectionate and form a close relationship with their owner as well as with the other members of the family. This breed is known as being really energetic, so they might be considered as having a temper if you don’t provide them enough energy-consuming activities.

The French bulldog has a mind of its own, analyses everything, and is quite often very stubborn. If you are not aware and in control of this fact, the dog will try to dominate both you and the entire living space, thus aggressive behaviors may occur. Most often when the dog displays such behavior it’s due to bad education, or lack of education, or a lack of understanding of its real needs and personality.

In your relationship with a French bulldog, you need to let it know, from the very beginning, that you are the boss. Thus, you need to always hold a firm, powerful attitude towards the dog and let it calmly know what you expect from it. Don’t ever raise your voice, nor yell at it, nor treat it abruptly or aggressively.

This type of reaction from you will definitely make French bulldogs aggressive or will transform their one-time aggressive behavior into a constant attitude. And if the dog already has a strong character, things will only get worse and worse.

French bulldogs are encouraged to become aggressive if you tolerate or reward unwanted behavior, and just let it do things by its own will.

It is essential for your dog to understand from the very start that it will not get away with any bad behavior.

French bulldogs need to always display deep respect towards you. So build this respect by being always present and taking the appropriate measure towards your dog’s actions.

There are times when French bulldogs become aggressive due to jealousy towards other pets, or even towards family members, or due to fear that they might lose you or your attention and affection.

Also, aggression could be a sign that your dog is upset for not spending enough time with you, or when the environment, the living space changes. Another reason for its aggression is the feeling that its in danger.

No matter the reason, you must always analyze the circumstances when you notice this type of attitude.

After you determined the source of aggression, you should take immediate action either by removing the cause or, if this is not possible, by compensating things in another way.

The best way to keep your French bulldog away from aggressive outbursts is a good reward system. Meaning, rewarding its good behavior, rewarding everything that your dog does according to your expectations.

Besides the material rewards (treats and caressing), praise your French bulldog. It is very sensitive to praise and nice words and simple sentences. Good results are achieved by combining all these rewards.

French bulldogs, due to their short attention span, need constant reminders of what is expected from them.

If you apply all these above, you will most likely never have to fear an aggressive behavior from your French bulldog pet.

However, there are times when aggression is a result of some health issues, either due to climate change or to specific health issues.

Keeping an eye on your dog’s physical state is essential, as well as taking it to a regular medical examination. Thus, you can give it the best treatment when something is threatening its health.

10 Things to Know About French Bulldogs and Aggression

When it comes to French bulldogs and aggression you really need to supervise all their reactions, all behavior changes. Situations must be well understood in order to take appropriate measures.

Most often aggression is obvious, however, there are certain attitudes, that might look like something else, but that are signs of aggression, too. Be aware of them and never let things complicate too much, through non-intervention.

Here are 10 (ten) signs of indirect aggression, that French bulldogs might display:

1. Excessive barking, it shows that the dog is troubled, and even if, for the time being, it doesn’t seem aggressive, continuing like that will eventually lead to out front aggressive behavior.

2. Anxiety, the dog doesn’t seem to find a good place to rest and continues doing so for more minutes in a row.

3. Turning over and remaining to overturn for several minutes when it is not about its wish to be caressed, or it doesn’t have its usual fun-play moments.

4. Continuous push or rubbing against objects, your leg, or other pets and animals.

5. Growling at something, somebody, or just by itself.

6. Barking or even rushing at other dogs when you take it out.

7. Being intimidated or hiding behind you when it encounters other dogs or animals.

8. A cautious, even reluctant behavior towards other members of your family, visitors, and strangers.

9. Repetitive stubbornness towards doing its own will, despite you showing your dog precisely what you require.

10. Excessively protective behavior with its toys and objects, personal space.

Final Thoughts

The French bulldog is definitely a dog that requires a lot of your attention, a time invested in energetic, playful activities together.

Let’s keep in mind that aggression in dogs is a natural, instinctive behavior that eventually will come forth. If aggression appears, generally, you could easily determine its source and either eliminate it or find the right way to manage it.

As long as you are 100% dedicated to improving your relationship with your French bulldog, no signs of aggression could ever become a real issue.

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