12 Steps To Caring for Your French Bulldog

What are some of the qualities that French Bulldogs have? When someone asks, there are numerous characteristics that spring to mind, such as loyal, playful, loving, trustworthy, witty, and interest in knowledge. To mention a few.

With so many words to describe them, French bulldogs may be said to possess all of these qualities. They might not always listen to you, but they are great friends. But dogs don’t last long in the world, with French bulldogs having a 10- to 14-year lifespan. So if you want to keep their company for a long time, you have to repay them with the best care that you can give.

Here are some examples that you should keep in mind to ensure that your French bulldog would always be healthy and live a long and loving relationship with you.

12 Steps To Caring for Your French Bulldog 

1. Take Care Of Their Health Problems

French Bulldogs are known for their health concerns, such as intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), heart issues, and patellar luxation. To avoid these problems, you have to start taking care of their health from when they are young.

2. Feed Them A Healthy Diet

They might be playful dogs, but they need a healthy diet if they are going to grow up strong and stay healthy. As the saying goes, you reap what you sow, so don’t let them eat a lot of junk food if you don’t want your best friend to have a number of health issues.

3. Be Gentle When Petting Them

Just because French Bulldogs are known for having a playful personality, it doesn’t mean that you should pet them too hard or take part in other activities that might cause harm. The next time you run your hand over their coat, do it gently because that is what they expect from a friend.

4. Don’t Muzzle Them When They’re Playing

The playful nature of French Bulldogs might lead to them playing too hard for you to handle. In such a case, don’t put a muzzle on them as they need the exercise to stay healthy and fit. Instead, you have to be firm with them while playing so that they can learn when enough is enough.

5. Enroll Them In A Training Class

If you want your French Bulldogs to listen to you, you have to start teaching them while they are still puppies. Make an appointment with a reputable place for training classes and enroll both of your pets in the program.

6. Make Your Home A Safe Space For Them

As French Bulldogs are known for their health and safety concerns, you have to take good care of your home so that they can enjoy the best possible environment. This means taking out electrical cords from reach and putting other items away that might cause them harm.

7. Give Them Lots Of Attention

Like other dogs, French Bulldogs enjoy having people around them. So make sure to give them the attention that they need because you might be surprised at how much joy this can bring you too!

8. Get them neutered

When you neuter your male French bulldog, you reduce the likelihood of testicular cancer and aggression. You significantly decrease the chance of uterine infections and breast cancer in female French bulldogs.

9. Make certain that your French bulldog’s gums and teeth are kept clean.

Make it a habit and you can also get expert assistance for thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums if you don’t make it a habit to clean them on a regular basis.

#10. Make sure they exercise regularly

Develop a modest exercise program for your French bulldog. Make sure you don’t strain your pet’s body since it doesn’t tolerate stress very well. Allow plenty of rest time to allow them to recuperate properly.

11. Keep your French bulldog clean.

It’s a good idea to brush your French bulldog’s coat once a week, or as needed. Scrub its fur with a wet cloth to remove dirt and debris. Wash the corners of your French bulldog’s mouth and face using a damp towel. Because French Bulldogs are known to drool frequently, this is required. Clip the dog’s nails every two weeks, or as needed. To do this, you can purchase a special dog nail clipper to minimize the chances of hurting your French bulldog. Treat any wounds that appear on your French bulldog’s skin immediately because these are areas where infections are common to occur.

12. Exercise proper judgment when it comes to feeding your French bulldog snacks or table scraps.

Though not all foods are harmful to French bulldogs, it is best that you consult your vet first before feeding them anything.

I recommend WildEarth, a food brand that is both natural and caters to your dog’s needs.

Final Thoughts

You now have a full understanding of what it takes to care for your French Bulldog. If you’re thinking about adopting one, we hope these 12 steps will help you make an informed decision. Whatever path you choose, please remember that the love and attention they give back is worth all of the work!


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