8 Stress-Free Tips For Traveling With Your French Bulldog

It’s unusual to come across a family that isn’t looking forward to taking a holiday. Every member of the family is packed and eager to have a good time after a long year, but Is the whole family really going?

In a poll done by The Washington Post, most American families claimed that they regard their dogs as members of the family, therefore when a vacation is on the horizon, the majority of them want to bring their dog along. The problem with bringing your French bulldog is that it may become an annoyance in addition to being dangerous.

Many families would just give up their pets and leave them with their extended family or friends, or hire a pet sitter. But what if you truly want to take your French bulldog with you?

What are your options? What should you do to ensure that you can take your French bulldog with you while still having a great time on your family holiday? Here are some pointers and reminders to assist you in obtaining the type of genuine family getaway that you’ve been looking for.

#1. Look up the locations where dogs are generally permitted

You should also search for a location where you will be able to settle down comfortably, allowing pet dogs inside. You may inquire about vacation package services with your travel agent or look on the internet for recommendations on places of interest that meet your vacation criteria. Make sure these locations provide all of the amenities required to keep your French bulldog entertained while also offering a relaxing time for the entire family.

There are a variety of travel agencies and websites that currently offer pet-friendly vacation packages. Choose something with your family so that everyone is aware of what lies ahead. You’re not just picking a spot for your dog; you’re also picking a destination for the rest of the family.

#2. Begin training your French bulldog to ride in a vehicle before you go on vacation.

Take him for short distances. Allow him to ride in the car with the engine running at first; this will help him get comfortable with the noise and shaking. Then allow the automobile to move gradually, don’t jerk it or go quickly at first. Take him on little jaunts stopping at least every mile or so, and gradually increase the distance traveled.

#3. Before leaving on your dream vacation, get your dog examined by his veterinarian.

This will remove any health risk from him going on vacation, which would ruin the trip. Bring with you any medication that your veterinarian may suggest. Make a point of getting your vet’s approval first before taking any medications.

#4. Keep in mind what your dog may require, especially if you’ll be away for an extended period of time.

Most significantly, his collar, which includes all of the contact information printed on it. Also, remember to bring his food and anything that will make the trip more pleasurable for him. Also, be sure to bring cleaning supplies since the dog might throw up or give out waste.

If you need extra support and food options, I recommend Wildearth a site that is both flexible and affordable.

#5. Check with the places you will be traveling to and bring what is needed by your dog.

The most important thing, aside from his food is the water that he will drink. A bowl for him to drink out of can be easily bought or made at home. You can choose a simple plastic bowl that fits inside his carrier or whatever else you may have for him. If you want to be creative, there are bowls that can hook up from the outside of his crate. You can also buy a long pipe and drill holes on it to make a water bowl for your dog while traveling in an airplane.

All you have to do is just strap a water bottle upside down and hang it at the end of the pipe. If you are allowed, but his favorite toy with him as well.

#6.  You should also check on your dog’s vaccine and health records for your upcoming vacation.

Locate all the information regarding the shots that he has received and write down the dates and types of them so that you can bring it along with him on your trip. This will ensure that you and your Pet’s journey will be smooth and uneventful.

#7.  When it comes to vacations, remember dogs sometimes go astray when exposed to new situations and surroundings.

To avoid this, do not leave your dog unattended specially if he is a puppy. Stay close to him and keep a leash with you especially in crowded places, this may help control your pet from running around alone.

#8.  Lastly, have fun!

You are on vacation so don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself. Your beloved pet is along for the ride so make sure to take some time from your busy schedule to play with him.

Final Thoughts

 If you’re traveling with your french bulldog, there are a few crucial details to remember. This article has provided some helpful tips for french bulldogs who are planning on going on vacation soon. Consider everything from the french bulldog’s needs while he is away from home all of the ways down to his collar with contact information printed on it so that if something does happen, someone will be able to reach out and help him right away. Safe travels and have fun!


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