The Best Shoes For French Bulldogs

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Getting a pair of shoes is a great option for your French Bulldog. French Bulldog’s need shoes for different reasons, such as protecting their little paws from glass or hot pavements. Other uses of shoes include:

  • Hiking with your Frenchie

  • Walks on hot pavements in the summer heat

  • Avoiding salt on their paws in the winter

  • Grass allergies to avoid blisters

  • And more…

Here is a list of the best shoes for French Bulldogs, including the pros and cons of each one so you can choose the BEST CHOICE that suits the needs of your little Frenchie friend.


The Best Shoes for French Bulldogs



1. QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes

The QUMY Dog Boots are one of the best options for your dog’s feet. If you take your dog out on walks and are worried that its feet might get hurt, then the QUMY Dog Boots are there for the rescue.

They are made from superior quality materials with a solid sole so that your dog’s feet remain safe from all kinds of rugged surfaces.

What’s more amazing about these boots is the fact that they’re fully waterproof. So if your dog ever puts its feet in a puddle of water, you don’t have to worry about them getting wet. This also means that you can easily take them out in slightly rainy weather and enjoy the water with your dog.

These boots come in 4 different sizes and in 2 different colors with 2 stick-on straps to ensure proper grip on your dog’s feet.


  • Reflective stick-on straps

  • Comfortable and good for all kinds of weathers

  • Offers good value for money

  • Solid protection from all types of floors


  • Boots might spin around if they’re not properly fastened

  • The Velcro straps tend to accumulate dust and debris easily


2. GGR Pet Boots 4 Pcs Summer Outdoor Breathable and Wearproof Running Shoes

The GGR Pet Boots can be great friends to your dog’s feet. These shoes are designed specifically to provide ultimate protection and comfort to your dog. The boots’ upper area is made from a netted material so that the shoes remain smell free and there’s breathable space.

Moreover, these boots have non-skidding and water-resistant soles that your dog doesn’t slip even if it puts its feet in the water. Furthermore, the water resistance will also make sure that no water seeps through the shoes and your dog’s furry feet remain dry at all times.



  • Can be used for a wide variety of dogs

  • They come with nylon buckles so that they stay firmly in place

  • Breathable netted upper part for more comfort

  • Anti-skidding, stiff sole for ultimate protection


  • The straps are stretchable, which might let the shoes fall off

  • Complaints about small sizes being too big



3. Kurgo Winter Boots for Dogs

The Kurgo Winter Boots for Dogs are one of the best boots for your dogs. They have a very thick rubber sole, which is quite durable and provides ultimate protection to your dog’s feet.

It also has an excellent grip as it’s anti-slip, and it also offers a good amount of traction so that your dog stays afoot and doesn’t slip and slide.

Their ergonomic design ensures that they are very easy to take off and put on. Furthermore, they also have an adjustable strap. You can tighten that strap and make sure that the shoes stick on to your dog’s feet at all times and don’t fall off.

Overall, the shoes’ material is also super breathable and lightweight so that your dog doesn’t feel uncomfortable while wearing them. Also, the breathable material improves airflow and prevents the shoes from accumulating smell and impurities.



  • Tough and durable design

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

  • Completely water-resistant

  • Super lightweight with a breathable material


  • Complaints about sizes being out of range


4. LONSUNEER Paw Protector Dog Boots

The LONUSUNEER Paw Protector Dogs Boots will instantly become your dog’s best friends because they are so soft and comfortable. They are made from a piece of very plush fabric, along with a breathable top so that your dog’s feet remain free from smell, and they keep feeling comfortable inside the shoes even after walking for a long time.

To ensure that no dust particles or debris enter the shoes, the shoes also have flexible cuffs.

Moreover, their soles are hard and have non-slip holes to ensure that your walk can take firm steps and walk easily, even on slippery surfaces. The boots come in two colors, three colors, Red, Black, and Blue, so you can choose whichever goes best with your dog.

The Paw Protector Dog Boots have velcro straps which ensure that the shoes remain tightly secured around your dog’s feet at all times. However, one drawback is that they don’t come with reflective straps, and that can be a bit of a hazard if you take your dog out on walks at night, especially on the sidewalks or roads.



  • Extremely soft and breathable fabric

  • They have flexible cuffs to prevent dust from entering the shoes

  • The soles are non-slippery

  • Comes in 3 attractive colors


  • They are not water-resistant

  • Doesn’t have reflective straps


5. Ufanore Dog Boots

The last on our list is the Ufanore Dog Boots that are also some of the best dog boots you can get for your dog.

These boots are super durable since they have a strong microfiber leather built, and the outer body also has a jacket material incorporated in the design. This material keeps your dog’s feet warm while making sure that the shoes remain waterproof, snowproof, and dustproof.

So no matter what weather it is, you can take your dog out at any time and enjoy the weather with it without ever having to worry about anything.

The sole on the Ufanore Dog Boots is non-slippery as well. Furthermore, it’s also quite hard so that your dog’s soft feet are prevented from ever feeling any kind of damage through thorns, hard concrete, or any other harmful object or material. The boots also have reflective velcro boots so you can take your dog out on walks even at night, and car drivers can easily see your dog walking from afar.

All in all, Ufanoe Dog Boots are one of the best choices that you can make to keep your dog’s feet healthy and safe.



  • Comes with reflective Velcro straps

  • Non-slippery, hard sole for ultimate traction and grip

  • Made with durable microfiber leather

  • Outer part made from high-quality jacket material, which makes it waterproof and snowproof


  • Complaints about boots not being waterproof

  • Material quality can be improved



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