20 Characteristics of French Bulldogs

Entering the world of a French bulldog you will discover a playful, friendly and loyal universe. Be prepared to fall in love instantly.

After all, you can’t fight the fact that you simply adore the Frenchie’s petite, bat-like figure, and the cutest years there can be. Let’s explore common characteristics of French Bulldogs:

20 Characteristics of French Bulldogs

1. Small size.

The French bulldog is a small size breed. The average weight of a French Bulldog is between 16-28 pounds, depending if they are male or female.

They do have a tendacy to become overweight so it’s important to watch their diet.

2. Longevity.

These are dogs that live an average of 10-14 years.

Due to their many specific health issues, these dogs have an average life expectancy lower than many other dog breeds.

3. Origins.

French bulldogs are a breed developed from the English bulldog. Historically they started to become more well-known in the late 19th century, with all their breed characteristics.

4. Family dog.

Although the general appearance is somewhat menacing and gloomy, our Frenchie is not such a thing.

It is actually a family dog very dedicated to all family members, good with children, and a very loyal pet. It is a dog for an active family, that loves doing a lot of outdoor games along all of you.

5. Hair.

One of the French bulldog’s characteristics is very short and fine hair. This characteristic makes it very adaptable both to low and high temperatures. There are the rare Fully Long-Haired Frenchies, which can be a little difficult to find.

However, extreme cold or heat is dangerous for the dog, so do not exaggerate with taking it out under these conditions.

6. Regular care.

An occasional, once a week, hair brushing is enough to keep its hair silky and fine. The Frenchie also requires teeth care.

You should wash it with regular teeth brush and paste, a few days a week. As for the toes, they need a cut once a month. Whereas, the ears need regular cleaning, too.

7. Color.

You will find Frenchies with white, creamy-white, all type of brown shades (but mostly dark ones) and black.

You will find them in one color or in combinations with stripes or with diamond-shaped spots.

8. Robustness.

They have a very low gravity center and a general compact aspect. The muscles are very prominent whether the dog is exercising a lot, or not.

Their body is large and the head is flat and square-like.

9. Specific ears.

Practically the ears made the French bulldog famous. They are large, up straight, and round.

They create the notorious bat-like effect!

10. Personality.

Frecnhies are usually a warm and charming dog, always in a cheerful mood.

As it is very affectionate and loyal to its master when alone it becomes melancholic. Or even sad and depressed. It’s the kind of dog that is really attached to their humans.

11. Headstrongness.

French bulldogs are renowned for their stubbornness. Actually, there is more than that.

They might look stubborn, in reality, they are very individualistic, with a strong personality.

They need to analyze everything and make their own decisions. This is rather a sign of increased intelligence.

Some breeders even say that the French bulldogs are quirky and mysterious. They REALLY love playing tricks on you.

12. Training.

Due to the above characteristic (being headstrong), the Frenchie is quite difficult to train. Since it is an energetic dog, the training sessions need to be short.

If you keep them longer, the dog will lose focus. You need to be affectionate, give it many treats, and change routines frequently.

Raising your voice, screaming or punishments never work with French bulldogs. On the contrary, they will become extra stubborn and will never learn anything.

Generally, training a Frenchie takes several months, even up to six. You should always try to turn the dog’s teaching sessions into something very creative and playful, to make it efficient.

13. Specific illnesses.

Unfortunately, this is a breed with a high predisposition to certain specific health issues. All of them, as a result of bone and whole body structure.

Along with aging, at least some of the following might occur: hip and shoulder dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, allergies, Brachycephalic syndrome, and several others that produce suffering to your dog and even endanger its life.

14. Specific life conditions.

French bulldogs are very comfortable indoors, in a house or an apartment. So it doesn’t require a big space, only attention, and love from the master.

The Frenchie is not a dog to be kept in a yard. It is sensitive and doesn’t do well sleeping outside, rather in the master’s bed.

15. Going outside.

The French bulldog loves having outdoor activities, so it requires to take it out at least once a day. You don’t need to stay out for too long, however, the dog needs to play intensively and creatively with you.

The Frenchie doesn’t enjoy, however, going up and down the stairs. This type of effort is unpleasant, due to its very short snout and nostrils.

16. Barking.

Generally, this breed is quiet. You might rather hear them snoring from time to time, even when they are awake.

If it barks at strangers this is, usually, not an aggressive sign, but an announcement of somebody approaching, or an enthusiastic gesture.

17. Socializing with people.

The dog’s family is number one in Frenchie’s heart.

However, it is quite a friendly dog with almost everyone, stranger or not. Very rarely they dislike somebody, and in this situation, they prefer to retreat, and almost never become aggressive.

18. Socializing with other dogs.

They are quite peaceful towards other pets and dogs. More often French bulldogs keep an open attitude towards other dogs and even initiate playtime and clown around with them.

Rarely, male Frenchies might become territorial and aggressive with other males.

19. Swimming.

This is an issue that you must pay attention to and protect your dog. French bulldogs do not swim, because of their heavy, compact bodies. So, you should prevent them from entering deep waters.

20. Diet.

Adult French bulldogs require two meals per day. As for the quantity, this depends on your dog’s weight and age. Give them dry food daily, but also wet meals, from time to time.

For this issue, you should consult the veterinary. Also, pay attention to weight gaining, as they tend to become obese quite fast, due to their tiny figure. This will shorten your dog’s life expectancy and will generate various health issues.

Final Thoughts

If you already own or are about to own a French bulldog, first be sure you have enough time to spend and play with it, that you are emotionally open and prepared to stay by your dog’s side even if health issues occur.

Thus you will get a super smart, fun, and loving companion. Check out some places to adopt one here!


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