French Bulldogs: 12 Temperament and Personality Traits

So you’ve decided to get a French Bulldog…now what? Adding a dog to your famiy is a huge commitment.

Whether you are single metropolitan or a family of five living in the country, it is important to choose a dog that fits your lifestyle.

Considering such things as your experience with dogs, how much time you can invest in training your dog, and what type of home you have makes you a responsible dog owner (even before bringing one home!)

What is certain is that dogs can enhance your emotional well-being, especially our loveable French Bulldog friends.

Several studies have shown that having a dog in your home can reduce stress and depression, keep you fit and active, and enhance your social life; that is, as long as the dog’s temperament is a good match to your lifestyle.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) defines temperament as “an animal’s personality, makeup, disposition, or nature”.

Basically, a dog’s temperament gives you an idea of how they will react to other people and animals in their environment.

If you’re specifically looking for a dog with an affectionate, easygoing temperament, a French Bulldog may be a great option for you!

What are French Bulldogs Like: A Cosmopolitan City Dog

Going all the way back to the early 1800s, the French Bulldog has always been an easygoing city dog.

Toy Bulldogs were the favorite companion dogs for lace workers in the city of Nottingham, England.

When the Industrial Revolution forced these women to emigrate to France, they naturally brought along their furry companions.

Soon bred with terriers and pugs, the French Bulldog became popular among Parisians, commonly seen in butcher shops, cafes, and regularly accompanying Parisian streetwalkers.

With an origin story like that, it’s not surprising that the French Bulldog would exude the same effortless confidence and playful exuberance for life as their namesake.

Not only is it impossible to deny the cuteness of these little dogs with their bat shaped ears, they truly make fantastic pets because of their easygoing, adaptable personalities.

Charming their owners and strangers alike, let’s take a closer look at twelve common personality traits of the French Bulldog.

12 French Bulldog Temperament and Personality Traits

1. Affectionate

A hallmark of the French Bulldog personality is their cuddly nature. French bulldogs are very sweet dogs that love to snuggle.

Originally raised to warm the laps of the lace workers in England, French Bulldogs were bred to be affectionate companions.

French Bulldogs need to regularly show and receive affection from their owners so daily belly rubs, playtime, and cuddles are necessary to help your French Bulldog thrive.

2. Intelligent

Obedience training and potty training may be a little easier with French Bulldogs because they tend to be fairly intelligent.

French Bulldogs are considered the most intelligent of the bulldog breeds.

They are intelligent enough to follow along with simple commands; however, they do have short attention spans so consistency and patience is important.

3. Adaptive

French Bulldogs’ size, breeding, and temperament makes this dog very adaptable.

French Bulldogs thrive in a variety of living environments: cities, country, apartments, large homes, etc.

Similarly, French Bulldogs can be great dogs for single people or families and get along with other pets.

4. Lively

French Bulldogs tend to be relatively energetic.

They do not need a lot of exercise; typically, a couple of short walks per day or playing outside with their owners should be sufficient.

5. Playful

French Bulldog temperament includes lots of playfulness.

They like to play rough, so make sure you choose durable toys. Tug-of-war and fetch are two of a French Bulldog’s favorite games.

Because of their rough and tumble nature, French Bulldogs make great dogs for kids.

6. Docile

Frenchies are total people pleasers. Their naturally submissive temperament makes them easy to train.

French bulldogs respond well to both owners and puppy training instructors so you can do training in or out of a classroom setting.

7. Attention-seekers

French Bulldogs are emotionally intelligent so they have a natural ability to pick up on their owner’s cues.

They do not respond well to criticism so you may notice them moping around after being scolded.

French bulldogs respond best to positive reinforcement, like attention and treats.

Always wanting to be the center of attention, French bulldogs can act out with excessive barking and revenge urination (finding inappropriate spots to pee in your home) if they feel like they aren’t receiving the attention they deserve.

8. Lovers

French Bulldogs have an overwhelming tendency to love.

They will love everyone in your home, making them a great family dog.

9. Welcoming

If your home regularly has visitors or if you enjoy taking walks with your dog, then you’ll love the French Bulldog’s welcoming temperament.

French Bulldogs are friendly towards strangers and other dogs so you can be sure they won’t be a hindrance to your social life.

10. Easygoing.

French Bulldogs easygoing temperament means they do not typically bite or bark.

They may not make the best watch dog, but their alertness does mean that they will bark when someone is at the door.

This easygoing temperament is also one of the reasons why they are so popular in cities like New York City and San Francisco where apartment living is common.

11. Sociable

French Bulldogs want to be around people.

It is important that you support their sociable temperament by bringing them around other dogs and other people.

12. Anxious

Frenchies rely on attention so much that you may notice your dog may exhibit some separation anxiety.

While some may view this personality trait as a negative, it really just emphasizes the French Bulldog’s affectionate and loving nature.

It’s important to consider this last personality trait to make sure you are the best owner for a Frenchie.

You want to make sure you have ample time to spend with your Frenchie.

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Final Thoughts

From the city streets of Nottingham to the busy streets of Paris, French Bulldogs have been a companion to city dwellers for centuries.

French bulldogs are a great dog for just about anybody – as long as you can love your Frenchie as much as it will certainly love you! Check out our picks of the best adoption centers to find yourself a new Frenchie friend!


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