15 Fun Facts About French Bulldogs

French bulldogs (also commonly referred to as Frenchies) are a sweet-faced, energetic, smaller version of (and cousin to) the English bulldog. They are very affectionate and adore human attention.

They don’t require a ton of space and exercise, so they’re perfect pets if you’re limited on space or if you live in an apartment. They adapt well to life with other people & children and get along great with other pets.

So, if you’re thinking of adopting your own love-able little wrinkle monster, or you just enjoy anything to do with these little cuties, keep reading for 15 fun french bulldog facts and care.

15 Fun French Bulldog Facts

1. They cause tornadoes!

Just kidding – kind of. French bulldogs adore human company and interaction so much that they actually really need it. In fact, they are known to suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

So, fair warning that if you leave your little fella alone for a prolonged period of time that they may go nuts because of their anxiety, and you may end up with a surprise you probably won’t be smiling about.

2. They are sensitive

French bulldogs are sensitive in nature and will mope around for hours if they have been yelled at.

This is why using positive reinforcement (such as pats, cuddles, playtime, positive praise, treats, etc..) is much more efficient than a loud, stern voice or a spank on their tail-less bottom.

3. Frenchies Shed

Even though they have short fur, this breed of dog is not actually hypoallergenic because they do still shed quite a bit.

Just as with most pets, it’s important to keep your Frenchie well-groomed (this includes bathing your pup about once a week).

4. They have breathing issues sometimes

French bulldogs are brachycephalic (this just means that they have short-snouts) which is why they have a harder time breathing.

With that being said, however, we can actually help prevent this common issue from getting worse by feeding them smaller meals because a lot of the time, their breathing issues are exacerbated by overeating.

5. They can’t swim!

Because French Bulldogs are top-heavy in addition to being brachycephalic, they can’t swim, thus vigilance is crucial around large bodies of water.

If you are going to be near or on open water, it’s best to keep an eye on your Frenchie (much like you would a toddler) and always bring a life-jacket with you!

6. They don’t like too much exercise

Proper french bulldog puppy care – as with most dog breeds – includes daily exercise.

However, due to their inherent breathing issues and the fact that they can’t regulate their body temperatures very well, it’s important to make sure that they don’t overdo it with exercise.

7. They have three nicknames

French Bulldogs are often referred to as “Frenchies”, but also “frog dogs” because of their round faces and the way that they sit with their hind legs spread out behind them.

They are also often referred to as “clown dogs”, which is due to their fun-loving and comedic nature.

8. The 5 top names for Frenchies

The top five most popular french bulldog names according to rover.com are Lola, Louie, Stella, Bella, and Luna.

If you noticed that they are all two-syllable names, this is because short, clear, and distinct are all important characteristics when naming your dog. They have an easier time learning and understanding their name this way.

9. They love communicating

They’re known to be rather quiet as far as barking goes, but they will speak to you by howling, growling, yipping, and making gargling sounds, and if you love to sing, you may have just found a singing partner because they enjoy it too!

10. They love to socialize

It’s important to socialize them because while they are a great addition to any family due to their their loyal, patient, friendly, loving nature, these same traits can cause them to be quite territorial, so getting them to interact with others is still an important part of french bulldog puppy care.

11. Most french bulldog puppies are born with floppy ears.

Sometimes they begin to stand within a couple of weeks of birth, though the average age is about seven weeks old.

Don’t despair if your pup’s ears are still not standing by then, however, as just like with humans, everybody develops at their own pace.

12. They can become overweight

Their weight must not exceed 28 lb and it’s important to monitor their weight.

If you notice any of the following signs, it might be time for a stricter diet: unable to groom his/herself properly, heavy breathing after only a little bit of exercise, and no muscle definition.

On the opposite end, if you notice that your pup’s rib cage is very prominent, it’s time to increase their weight and perhaps take a trip to the vet to ensure that there isn’t an underlying medical health condition such as kidney disease or gastrointestinal disease.

I recommend WildEarth, a food brand that is both natural and caters to your dogs needs.

13.They fart. A LOT.

They fart a lot because their stomachs are very sensitive and because they eat so fast they ingest a lot of air.

Furthermore, their farts smell pretty awful, but the fact that they startle themselves nearly every time by their own flatulence is absolutely hilarious!

14. They can’t breed naturally.

The hips on female french bulldogs are too slim for a male to mount her, thus in order for these dogs to breed, they must be artificially inseminated and give birth by C-section.

15. They were voted #1 favorite dog breed around the world!

And with all of the positives regarding these beautiful babies, it’s no wonder why.

French bulldogs are very clearly the rising star of the canine world. They are cute, funny, sociable, protective, loving, loyal, and sweet.

They are quite expensive to purchase (not to mention the upkeep), but if you can afford the costs, and you feel that this breed of dog meshes well with your own personality and lifestyle, definitely consider adding one of these adorable little cuddlers to your family because although snores and farts are part of the package, their cuteness, personality, temperament and love vastly outweigh the negatives.


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