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French Bulldog Facts

Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids? | The Perfect Family Pet

Think about adding an addition to the family? When considering to add a furry friend to your family, the options may seem endless!

However, when deciding a particular breed, it is always critical to do research on the breed to ensure it is the right choice for you and your family.

This could be true for couples or those with kids and growing families.

The French Bulldog is a splendid choice to consider with their cute mushed facial features and long triangular pointy ears and short, manageable hair.

No matter how cute a dog is, knowing it’s overall behavior patterns will finalize the decision to get one or not.

Are French Bulldogs Good with Kids?

One of the biggest things that makes the French Bulldog so adorable is their love for children.

They take on a protective role and genuinely enjoy spending time with children of all ages.

There are countless pictures on the internet where French Bulldogs are cuddling with their owner’s children from infants to toddlers to teens.

They are handsomely called “great babysitters” because they will watch over the children when around them.

They relate so well with children and often times want to play as well.

Even with their smaller frame, they are big on personality and full of energy.

hey love to run and play with anyone, but especially children.

They consider children to be their playmates and friends and are known to creating lifetime bonds with children.

Even with a reputation of having a love for children of all ages, it is always recommended to watch children in the presence of any dog, regardless of the breed.

Are French Bulldogs Dangerous?

The French Bulldog is far from dangerous.

They have been bred throughout the years to be mild mannered cuddle bugs.

They crave affection and will seek it out from their owners and surrounding family members.

This particular feature makes them a great choice for families with children as they will appreciate the small kids around for extra snuggle time.

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive?

As mentioned before, they are not considered a dangerous breed.

In terms of aggression, they are a dog and if bred improperly, they can be aggressive.

This applies to any dog breed for the most part.

Neglect, lack of socializing, etc. have been attributed to aggression in dogs.

Overall, the French Bulldog does not display this type of behavior.

In fact, they are known for taking criticism harshly and mope around a lot when told “no” over something.

The right kind of conditioning and love and care will give the perfect dog every time.

French Bulldog: A Perfect Family Pet

There are huge brownie points for the French Bulldog getting along with children, but overall, they truly are the perfect family pet.

They will show affection to every family member and desire to be included in any and everything that may be going on with the family.

They are considered to be funny and talkative and this behavior adds to their excitement in being included in family events.

Another wonderful trait of the French Bulldog stems from their protective nature over children.

They also make great watch dogs for the entire family.

While their bark is not overly assertive, they will alert family members of approaching strangers.

Even with their mild mannered ways and gentle nature, if they feel the ones they love are threatened, they will protect the family with vigor as they fear for the danger of their loved ones.

This dedication makes them admirable and even more lovable than one could ever imagine.

Their overall build doesn’t make them dangerous looking, however, the alertness is crucial.

Letting a family member know that danger is approaching is enough to consider them a good watch dog.

Many people equate “watch dog” with a big burly breed that will attack oncoming strangers.

While is not the case with French Bulldogs, they will protect children and family with their alert stature.

Final Thoughts

Frenchies truly enjoy being sociable and moreover enjoy being pampered.

Their desire to be the center of attention will give families the opportunity to spoil them and make them feel like their number one! (Which they are!)

When meeting new people, they will snuggle up with them as well if they feel they can be trusted.

They are great judges of character. Any opportunity to snuggle will be taken by a French Bulldog!

The choice of a French Bulldog will bring overall happiness to any family of any size!

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