20 Reasons Why French Bulldogs Make Good Pets

The French Bulldog with its smooth coat, muscular body, and bat-like ears, is one of the world’s most popular small breed dogs.

It is, in fact, the fourth most popular dog.

In the middle of the 1800s, a small bulldog became the mascot of lacemakers in Nottingham, England.

Due to the Industrial Revolution, the lace makers changed their location to Northern France, taking these tiny bulldogs with them.

The dogs became quite popular in the French countryside and became known as the French bulldog [1].

 The Frenchie became quite popular in Paris and now also in the United States, but is popular enough to be known as a good pet? Do French bulldogs make good pets?

Following, are 20 reasons why Frenchie’s make good pets.


20 Reasons Why French Bulldogs Make Good Pets


1. French Bulldogs Are Adorable.

French Bulldogs are so darn cute with their wrinkly face and big batty ears.

They have large saucer-like eyes and a shiny, smooth coat with colors ranging from fawn and white to brindle (mottled brown/black).

They are very sweet and attractive with a short, stubby tail and short little legs.


2. Frenchie’s Are Entertaining.

French Bulldogs are so entertaining, that you won’t find anything better on television.

They sporadically have spontaneous bursts of energy. They make the funniest facial expressions and they do pass quite a bit of gas, which is more amusing than annoying.

How could you be annoyed at a furry clown that’s so cute?


3. French Bulldogs Are Loving and Affectionate.

Frenchie’s show their love in so many ways. They shower your face with doggie kisses while wagging both tail and butt.

In other dog breeds, staring you in the eye is a sign of aggression.

For Frenchie’s, this is far from the truth. They idolize you and want your attention. They look into your eyes lovingly.

They’ll also follow you around, shadowing your every move and they love to sit close and cuddle.


4. They Are Friendly and Social.

Frenchie’s are extremely social, outgoing, and friendly.

They like to make and meet new friends and are quite adventurous in that respect.

This is partly because they adore attention and love when people make a big fuss over them.

Going bonkers over a Frenchie will earn you a friend for life.


5. French Bulldogs Are Well Mannered.

French bulldogs are very charming and well-mannered.

They do, however, need training as pups just like any other dog.

They are a very even-tempered dog and besides reveling in attention, they mind their manners, never acting nasty or aggressive.


6. Frenchie’s Are Playful.

French Bulldogs are extremely playful and love to play with toys.

They never bark or growl while playing, they’ll just give you a little nudge with their toy when they want you to throw it.

A romp outdoors is right up their alley, happy fetching a ball that has been tossed.


7. They Have Strong Personalities.

Frenchie’s are known for their larger than life personality in a small body.

Never aggressive or mean-tempered, they just can’t help but be excited with their family and life!


8. French Bulldogs Are Very Adaptable.

The Frenchie is a very adaptable dog.

They can live comfortably in small or large dwellings and under many circumstances being ideal for the single person as well as a family.

They have no problem meeting and greeting new people, in fact, it’s one of their favorite pastimes.


9. They Are Great For An Apartment Or Small House.

The French Bulldog’s size is the most obvious reason for a small house or apartment living.

Being more of a low energy dog, they don’t run and jump around like other dogs and therefore don’t need too much room.

They actually prefer indoors over outdoors. Some landlords don’t allow dogs, especially large ones, but many will consider small dogs.


10. Great Family Dogs and Wonderful With Children.

Being that French bulldogs love attention, they seamlessly fit into the center of family life.

They make excellent companions and are great four-legged playmates for children.

Showing no signs of aggression, they are very good-natured.

Children can also learn responsibility and compassion by having a dog as a family member.

While some breeds have only one alpha member of their pack, Frenchie’s are lovable and affectionate with every member of their family.

When busy households have many guests and children stopping by to play, Frenchie is always the greeter.


11. Frenchie’s Are Good With Other Pets.

   Most oftentimes, the French bulldog gets along well with other pets.

They love to have a good time playing and are friendly. They are eager to meet new people and also other dogs.

Companionship is the name of their game. Most will get along with cats as well.

The key is to introduce new pets slowly so everyone can adjust. Another cat or dog may not be as welcoming.


12. French Bulldogs Are Good Even If Their Family Is Busy.

They adapt well to family life even if it’s busy and hectic.

School activities, sports, and practices; Frenchie loves to tag along. He might even join you on the job if allowed.

This means more people to meet. What’s not to love?


13. They Don’t Need Much Exercise.

If you’re short on time, Frenchie’s don’t require a lot of exercise.

Taking them out, of course, is necessary, but they don’t get crazy or hyper if you don’t have the time to walk them every day.


14. Frenchie’s Like Exercise.

There is a difference between like and need.

They don’t need much exercise but if you’re walking or going to the park, they will be happy to tag along. Where their person is going, they want to go too!

They enjoy it but they’ll let you know when they’ve had enough.


15. French Bulldogs Don’t Bark Much.

The French bulldog is a quiet dog that rarely barks.

Not yappy at all like other small dogs, if the family gets loud, the dog does not.

Another reason they are good for an apartment. No one likes a noisy neighbor.


16. They Are Protective When Needed.

 These dogs can be protective. Since they rarely bark, when they do bark, there is a reason for it.

They will alert you when the doorbell rings or the UPS or Amazon truck shows up. Strangers don’t know that they would quickly show them where the silver is!


17. Frenchie’s Are Very Intelligent.

They possess a high level of intelligence and of all breeds of bulldogs, they are the smartest.

They easily fall into your household routine and know just what’s going on at all times.


18. French Bulldogs Are Easy To Train.

Being very intelligent, French bulldogs are quite easy to train.

Sometimes they can be stubborn, requiring some patience, but mostly, training is easy.

They are eager to please their humans and they learn quickly.


19. Minimal Grooming Required.

Anyone that owns a Siberian husky, Saint Bernard, or Golden retriever knows that they are well endowed with an overabundance of fur and shed all the time.

The French bulldog is a very low maintenance little dog.

Their coat is smoother, shorter, and not thick; much easier to care for. Shedding twice a year only, they are easier to bathe with no matting.


20. Frenchie’s Are In Love With Their Humans.

French Bulldogs would rather be with their human family than anywhere else.

You can just tell by their body language the love they have for their family, be it one or ten.

I recommend Barkbox, a great surprise that your Frenchie will love.


Final Thoughts

If you already have a Frenchie, you can probably add many more reasons why French bulldogs make good pets.

If you’re thinking of including one in your family (adoption is a great option), these reasons should convince you that French bulldogs are absolutely amazing!





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