The Ultimate Guide to Training a French Bulldog

Frenchie owners know that training is essential for their pup. Training not only makes your dog happy but also ensures they are well behaved in public areas.

Training a Frenchie can be tough, especially when they’re full of energy and don’t want to listen to you! Below we have compiled the ultimate guide on how to train your French Bulldog so that both of you will be satisfied with the results.

What is Training a French Bulldog?

Training a French Bulldog is the process of teaching your dog to listen and follow instructions. Training can be anything from housebreaking, potty training, leash walking, etc. Training should always be done in a positive manner with lots of treats or praise when they get it right.

Why Should You Train Your Frenchie?

Training your French Bulldog is beneficial for both you and your pup. Training helps strengthen the bond between you, as well as allows them to be more obedient dogs in public areas. It can also help prevent unwanted behaviors such as digging holes or jumping up on people. Training will ultimately make everyone happier.

How do I Train My Frenchie?

Training your French Bulldog is easy as long as you stick with it. Training should not be rushed and can take months or even years before your dog fully understands what they are supposed to do.

Always remember that training requirements will vary depending on the pup’s age. When training a Frenchie, always make sure to use lots of praise when they get it right, and never yell or hurt them if they don’t listen. Training techniques should always be fair to your pup.

The Best Training Tips for French Bulldogs

Training a Frenchie can be done in many different ways depending on the personality of your dog. Below are some training tips that will help you understand how to train a Frenchie.

1. Train your Frenchie to come when called.

This will be a process, but can ultimately make things easier for you both! First of all, start by taking the time each day to call them over and treat them whenever they listen.

After a while of doing this consistently, try calling their name in an exciting tone instead which will encourage them to come towards you. Training your Frenchie takes time, but will help bring the two of you closer together.

2. Training a French Bulldog is never complete without potty training.

Training your pup to go outside instead of on the carpet or furniture can be done by creating an area in their crate where they are allowed to go. Training your Frenchie to understand that the area is their designated potty spot will take time, but eventually, they’ll get it.

3. Train them to walk on a leash

This can be difficult at first because of all their energy, but remain consistent and keep trying! Training them from an early age will help them get used to the feeling of a leash around their neck. Training your Frenchie that they must walk by you, and not in front of you, will take some time, but is well worth it.

4. Train your Frenchie to sit

This can be done easily with lots of practice. First, teach them what “sit” means by doing the action with their name. Once they start to understand what “sit” means, try teaching them while standing in front of them and then slowly, over time, move into a crouching position until you are eventually at your knees.

5. Train your Frenchie to lie down

This can also be done easily using similar methods to the sit command. Training them to lie down can be done by giving the cue with your hand over their head, and then slowly moving your hands lower until they get it.

6. Teach them to not jump on you or others.

This is important for your safety. Training for this command will come in time but can be easily started by using a firm “no” and then rewarding them with treats when they listen.

7. Train your Frenchie to walk nicely on a leash.

This is important for your safety as well. Training for this command will come in time but can also be done similar to the sit command, except you would wait until they are not paying attention to you and then give the cue.

8. Order them to get off the furniture or off your bed.

This can be started by walking toward them and guiding their front paws onto the ground before they jump up while saying “off”.

Training your Frenchie to only get on the furniture when invited will help create rules that are fair for both parties and help create a good relationship.

9. Training French Bulldogs to get into their crates

This can be done easily by giving the cue and then waiting for them to go in before you give them treats.

Once they get used to going inside, try closing the crate door while inside so it becomes more familiar. Training your Frenchie that the crate is their safe place will take time, but eventually, they’ll learn to love it.

10. Teach them to not bark incessantly.

This can be done by giving them an action or object that causes the barking and then removing it after a short amount of time.

Training your Frenchie to only bark when necessary will help teach them a healthy habit!

11. Training your French Bulldog to not bite.

This can be done by first teaching the “no” command and then giving them their favorite toy or treat as an alternative. Training your Frenchie to only use their mouths on toys will take time but is well worth it in the long run.

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Final Notes

As w mentioned before, training your Frenchie can be a challenge, but with the right training techniques and consistency, you’ll have an obedient pup in no time.

With these basic commands mastered there are so many more things we could teach our pups next.


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