French Bulldog Exercise: How Much Does a Frenchie Need to Exercise Every Day?

If you have a Frenchie, do you know how much exercise they need every day? If you’re like most other owners, your answer is probably no.

Research shows that 40% of pet owners do not walk their dogs regularly. The reasons for that may vary, with some not knowing how much their dogs need the walks.

Thus, it is essential to create awareness for pet owners on the importance of dog walking. This article aims to educate French bulldog owners.


You should give your puppy as much exercise as he wants and can handle. If he’s part of an active Frenchie family that spends plenty of time outdoors, he’ll probably get all the activity and stimulation he needs from playing with you and your children.

But if you don’t have kids or spend lots of time outside, you should make sure to provide your puppy with enough daily exercise to prevent him from getting bored and chewing on your furniture or shoes!

Short walks and short play sessions are perfect exercises at this point. Avoid strenuous activities like running and jumping as they may affect the joints.


An adult French bulldog is, without a doubt, an excellent pet to have around. In adulthood, his energy has decreased and the joints become more firm than its puppy days.

But you should still take it for a walk every day to keep him healthy. If you can, take him to a park where he can run off-leash and burn off some energy.

The best exercise for a dog is letting him run around freely whenever possible while keeping him safe from other dogs, cars, and people.


As your French Bulldog ages, he’ll likely lose interest in long walks and strenuous exercise. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore his physical fitness altogether.

At old age, you should focus more on caring for French Bulldog. However, short walks every day will keep him mobile, even as he gets older.

Factors to Consider When Exercising Your French Bulldog

If you have a french bulldog, then you might be wondering how much exercise your dog needs. There are plenty of factors to weigh, and below are some.

1. Age 

Puppies should not exercise too much as it can damage their joints and bones, especially if they’re not fully grown yet. Dogs over seven years old may suffer from arthritis or other age-related ailments which cause pain when running or jumping around too much. But they still need plenty of activity. The exercises should be low-impact, like playing with toys in the house or exploring the yard on a leash.

2. Health

If your Frenchie has health problems or is overweight, you’ll want to check with your vet before starting any new exercise regimen. Dogs with health problems may require less exercise or none at all. Some issues may result from minor instances, such as the dog eating a lobster shell. The resultant is your French Bulldog having less exercise than usual. Ask your vet about an appropriate level for them based on their condition before starting any exercise schedule. It’s best to get advice from your vet before steering off course from the standard recommendations for this breed.

3. Terrain

Different surfaces can impact how much exercise your dog needs. The terrain and environment in which you will exercise your dog should be suitable for the breed of dog you have. You wouldn’t want to take your Frenchie to the mountains, for example, or to the beach as they are not adapted for these terrains. In general, avoid steep climbs and high altitudes when taking your French Bulldog out on walks, especially if they are young or elderly.

4. Frenchie’s Character.

Some dogs have a lot of energy and need more exercise than others. So you must know what character yours has before deciding how much exercise they need each day. If they have a lot of excess energy, it may be best to take them out on a run or walk once a day. Still, if they are pretty lazy, they may only need one good walk every other day. But it is important that you still get them out every day regardless of their character to stay healthy.

Best Types of Exercises for Your French Dog

There’s a lot of false information about French Bulldogs and exercise. From ‘they get tired easily’ to ‘they can’t run’, there’s a lot of misinformation circulating.

French Bulldogs are more active than most people realize. But they can’t do as much exercise as other breeds. Here are the best types of exercise for your Frenchie:

1. Walks

Every dog needs regular walks, including Frenchies. Walking is probably the best type of exercise for your pup. It is a great exercise to lose weight. The great thing about walking is that you don’t have to be in top shape to do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a roll or just starting; you can go for a walk at any time. You start low once a day and increase with time. Walking is the easiest form of exercise and it’s also the one that most dogs will enjoy the most!

2. Short Jogs

 If you’ve got a fit Frenchie and you go jogging, it can be a good idea to take him along with you. As long as you don’t go too far, your dog will be able to keep up with you. Running provides a great aerobic workout for both you and your pet. It also helps keep your heart rate up and keeps your pet from getting bored too easily.

3. Tease Playing

Teasing is another excellent way to get your dog moving without tiring him out too much! And it is more fun than it sounds! You can use toys, balls, frisbees, sticks, and anything else you can think of to play with your dog. If you have some extra money, you can even buy toys specially made for dogs.


The best amount of exercise for your Frenchie will depend on their breed, size, age, and energy level. There are other things to consider as well, such as your dog’s overall health and behavior. It is important to keep in mind that each dog is unique and every dog is an individual. For this reason, you must determine what is the appropriate level of exercise based on your individual dog’s situation and needs. Also, consulting your vet may be vital before creating an exercise schedule.


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